Monday, 29 September 2008

KK NULL (Japan) plays Maximum Arousal this Sunday!

Sun Oct 5
The Toff, 252 Swanston St Melbourne

Maximum Arousal presents:

KK NULL (Japan)

Maximum Arousal is proud to present the only Melbourne show from one of the top names in Japanese noise music and in a larger context, one of the great cult artists in experimental music since the early 80's, KK NULL.

In 1981 KK NULL studied at Butoh dancer, Min Tanaka's "Mai-Juku" workshop and started his career by performing guitar improvisations in the clubs in Tokyo. He continued by collaborating with MERZBOW for two years, and joining the band YBO2 (with Tatsuya Yoshida, drummer of RUINS) and starting the improvized noise/rock trio ABSOLUT NULL PUNKT (with Seijiro Murayama, the original drummer of Keiji Haino's FUSHITSUSHA).

In the early 90's he gained world-wide recognition as the mastermind, guitarist and singer of the progressive hardcore trio ZENI GEVA with their extremely heavy sound, releasing five albums produced by STEVE ALBINI (two on Jello Biafra's Alternative Tentacles label) and a few more on other labels such as NEUROSIS's Neurot Recordings.

NULL is also renowned for his solo performances & recordings and he has collaborated with other musical innovators such as Z'EV, CHRIS WATSON, DANIEL MENCHE, KEIJI HAINO, SEIICHI YAMAMOTO, JON ROSE, BILL HORIST, PHILIP SAMARTZIS, ALEXEI BORISOV, ZBIGNIEW KARKOWSKI, FRED FRITH to name a few.

After playing the guitar as his main instrument for some twenty years, KK NULL has gradually moved towards a more electronic approach. In recent years he has concentrated his efforts on his solo & collaborative recordings, exploring the outer territories of electronica, creating intense clashing wave of noise, structured electro-acoustic ambience, broken down rhythmics, scattered pitch sculptures, droning isolationist material which could be described "cosmic noise maximal/minimalism".

At present KK NULL has more than 100 titles of recordings released (inc. solo, bands, collaborations, compilations).

Also appearing is local guitar legend CHRIS SMITH & PHILIP SAMARTZIS' first Melbourne performance in over 12 months!



Upcoming Arousals:

Tue Sept 30 - Spartak CD launch + ii + Part Timer
Sun Oct 12 - An evening with Matt 'Skitz' Sanders featuring Skitz + Sean Baxter/Poletopra (Anthony Pateras/Marco Fusinato)/Oren Ambarchi/Rob Mayson

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Next Wednesday the 1st of October @ Stutter...

Over the first 2 Wednesdays in October Stutter will be presenting some audiovisual works amongst other performances as part of Digital Fringe

Next Wednesday the 1st of October @ Stutter...

  • Shoeb Ahmad / Kristi Monfries
  • Spartak Quartet
  • Kusum Normoyle
  • David Shea / Kristi Monfries

Shoeb Ahmad / Kristi Monfries - Shoeb Ahmad - Returning to Melbourne to launch his new release 'Sea Songs, Dead Ends And Sleeping Pills' (Sound&Fury) and it's companion on 'In The City' (hellosQuare), Stutter will see Shoeb explore extended improvisation using guitar and loops alongside preparations and found sound while navigating the naive songforms of his previous work.

Kristi Monfries' work is dedicated to a range of mediums that include collage work appropriation pieces, improvised and experimental music, single chanel video and live video improvisation in combination with musicians, print/design/web. Focused on an individual and whole artistic approach to living, feminine identity and sexuality, media gathering and re-invention.

This will be a first time collaboration between Canberra musician Shoeb Ahmad and ex Canberra visual/video artist Kristi Monfries.

Spartak Quartet - Spartak swell to a four tet for a special show in Melbourne to coincide with the Colony Room tour. Featuring Felicity Mangan (bass + electronics) and Kusum Normoyle (voice + electronics) alongside the duo of Shoeb Ahmad (guitar + loops) and Evan Dorrian (drums + percussion), expect some bustling noise alongside dysfunctional rhythms and microtonal whirr, somewhere between beautiful and retarded.

Kusum Normoyle - As a vocalist and electronic artist, Kusum's sound has developed a sympathy for broken language and communication technologies. She uses the outer limits of her voice, in combination with varying electronic media, broken instruments, radios, microphones to explore improvisation and vocal norms. A graduate from Electronic Arts at UWS, she is a practicing sound artist /musician in Sydney who has performed alongside Marcus Schmickler, Lawrence English, Jacques Soddell and Toy Bizarre amongst others.

David Shea / Kristi Monfries - Caves of the Silk Road: A solo sampler work based on the Buddhist stories of the ancient trading route from China to Turkey. Along the desert in China travelers would visit caves along the road which functioned as temples and devotional sites. Still filled with paintings, statues and layered in mythological stories I follow the path of a traveler in a solo sampler piece based on stories of three of the caves.

David's performance will also be accompanied with visuals by Kristi Monfries.

@ Horse Bazaar
397 Little Lonsdale Street,
8:30 PM
$5 on the door

Click here for Stutter MySpazz

Friday, 26 September 2008

Dorkbot - Fitzroy - 28 Sept 2008

This Sunday Dorkbot Melbourne once again brings together inspired and inspiring minds from all over Melbourne. And even two Rosses on one bill! Everyone with an interest in doing strange things with electricity is invited to come along and check out the presentations and participate in lively discussion. Doors open at 4pm, presentations start at 4.30 sharp. Bring your friends. Bring drinks and nibblies of your choice. Scheduled talks are outlined below. )

::: Ross Healy (aka Cray) :::
::: VICMOD - Melbourne DIY Modular Synth Builders :::

::: Ross Bencina (aka Mulchwerk) :::
::: AudioMulch 2.0 progress report :::

4pm, Sunday 28 September, 2008
Level 1, 124a Johnston St Fitzroy 3065 (just east of Brunswick St).

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Brandon Labelle (USA) & Domenico Sciajno (Italy) play Maximum Arousal this Sunday!

Sun Sept 28
The Toff, 252 Swanston St Melbourne

Maximum Arousal presents:


An incredible evening of sounds from 3 of the world's finest exploratory exponents!

Brandon LaBelle is a sound artist and writer from Los Angeles. Working in the field of sound- performance- and installation-art since 1992, LaBelle's work aims to draw attention to the dynamics of sound as it is found within spaces and objects, public events and interactions, language and the body. Through a performative interaction with objects, found-sound, and minimal electronics, the work draws attention to the quality and nature of what is already there through an emphasis on and displacement of listening and interaction, as a technological and architectural glitch. LaBelle's interest in site-specificity reflects a desire to consider the relationships and tensions between art and a broader social environment.
He is the author of "Background Noise: Perspectives on Sound Art" (Continuum 2006) and co-editor of the "Surface Tension" (Errant Bodies) series.

Domenico Sciajno is a composer, electronic musician and double bass player and lives in Palermo, Sicily. His work frequently addresses indeterminacy and the live processing of acoustic instruments by electronic devices or computers. He frequently uses texts, electronics, and visual projections in combination with a choreographic use of the space. From 1992 he has participated as a composer and improviser in a series of contemporary and experimental music festivals, and has released recordings with a variety of independent labels including Leo Records (UK), Fringes, Bowindo, Takla (Italy), and Ersthwhile (USA). Since 1994 he has assisted and collaborated with the American electro-acoustic composer Alvin Curran. In 2002, he was commissioned by Steim (Center for Development of Interactive Systems for Performance in Amsterdam, Holland) to create a multi-channel sound spatialization system. In 1997 he formed the Fringes record label with Giuseppe Ielasi, and
in 2003 he began the Bowindo label with Valerio Tricoli. He has performed and collaborated with musicians including Keith Rowe, Atau Tanaka, Jim O'Rourke, Elliot Sharp, Fred Frith, John Butcher, Kaffe Matthews, Kim Cascone, Toshimaru Nakamura, Otomo Yoshide, Lionel Marchetti, and Eric M.

Also appearing is Melbourne wunderkind Qua bringing to mind the playfulness of Mouse on Mars, the sophistication of Ennio Morricone and the warm lush pops of Architecture in Helsinki.


Upcoming Arousals:
Tue Sept 30 - Spartak CD launch + ii + Part Timer
Sun Oct 5 - KK Null (Japan) + Philip Samartzis + Chris Smith
Sun Oct 12 - An evening with Matt 'Skitz' Sanders featuring Skitz + Sean Baxter/Poletapra (Anthony Pateras/Marco Fusinato)/Oren Ambarchi/Rob Mayson

MAKE IT UP CLUB - Melbourne Fringe Festival

MIUC Fringe Festival 2008

This year, the MIUC's annual contribution to Melbourne Fringe is curated by the inimitable musical provocateurs behind Venting Gallery.

With a focus on performers from the underground DIY no-core scene that has been fomenting in the Blue Mountains over the last decade, this year's MIUC Fringe Fest promises to be as uncompromising as always.

Presented over 2 consecutive Tuesday nights (September 30 and October 7), MIUC Fringe 2008 features groups old and new spanning the sonoverse of avant-improv, from Melbourne to Victoria to Australia to the World to the Sonoverse.

Tuesday September 30th, 2008

POLY-DUOISMS: Featuring 3 familiar duos from the underground fields of breakcore, shitcore and noise in very unfamiliar contexts. As the title of this show suggests, be prepared for some rhizomatic, aural, head-fuckery with 2 partners, 2 ''rock'' instruments, and a cosmos full of traditions to be dealt with.

  • UNAUSTRALIANS featuring: Ein (guitar) and Aus (vocals and drummachine)
  • GO GENRE EVERYTHING featuring: Jen Tait (percussion) and Zach von Bamberger (guitar)
  • PIG & MACHINE featuring: Yuka Mikayama (vocals and drummachine) and John Harte (guitar)

Tuesday October 7, 2008

Mens Agitat Molenz: A Cornucacophony of outsiders and insiders from the planet of noise. Featuring enfant terribles from north of the border with the sublime no-core aesthetic of the Blue Mountains, to the extreme core-core of the Gold Coast and environs north, to the anti-core of the home of Norwegian Black Metal: Norway.

  • NECKHOLD (Brisbane): featuring Nic Turner and Taylor Turner (epiphany)
  • SOUND DWELLER (Sunshine Coast): Luke Holland (guitar), Jasper Hunt (drumkit), and Sam Witek (saxophone)
  • JIM DENLEY & KIM MYHR (Blue Mountains & Norway): Jim Denley (saxophone) and Kim Myhr (guitar)
  • SUN OF THE SEVENTH SISTER (Blue Mountains): Adam Sussmann, Matt Earle, Ryko Kalinko, Melanie Simpson, Nick Dan, Rory Brown, Bonnie Hart, Chris Nylstoch, Ben, Shirls, Martin, Marc, and more...

Doors: 8pm

Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia
PH: 03 9415 9601

Monday, 22 September 2008

Domenico Sciajno - RMIT - 28 Sept 2008

Domenico Sciajno Artist Presentation

Born in Torino Italy, Domenico Sciajno has been an international presence in the fields of electro-acoustic improvisation and performance since 1992.
As a double bass player and electro acoustic composer. Sciajno's work has featured at festivals and galleries internationally including this year's opening night of Ars Electronica
In 1995, Sciajno founded Antitesi, an association that organised festivals and concerts of experimental music in Italy. In 2003, Sciajno founded the national collective IXem, a network of Italian artists and musicians interested in artistic experimentation and contemporary art.

As part of his Australian tour, West Space presents Domenico Sciajno in a special artist presentation. Domenico will play and discuss his own work and examine the IXem Collective and Antitesi in the context of a wider Italian contemporary music scene. Please join us for this free event.

Sunday September 28th 2 - 4pm.
RMIT Building 7
Bowen Lane.

Meet outside Building 7 at 1.45. Please be on time to guarantee access.
For details or any queries contact Camilla Hannan 0412 067 546

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Sunday 21st at Forepaw: BADVIBES

If you're heading down to the High Vibes clusterfuck this Sunday, consider the following:

13:30 Rod Cooper
14:30 Felicity Mangan
15:30 Chrome Dome
16:30 Bum Creek
17:30 GUGG
18:30 Lost Animal
19:30 Splitfoot
20:30 Abre Ojos
21:30 Dylan Martorell & Justin Fuller
22:00 Films curated by Sunshine & Grease

Also, throughout the day, cheap beans n rice to soak up the beer, and a Quality Record Stall c/o Sunshine & Grease. This will be the last gig at Forepaw for a good long while.

Forepaw: 275 High Street Northcote
Sunday 21 September
1pm – 11pm

Friday, 19 September 2008

New at Sunshine & Grease 19/09/08

Big shipment from the US arrived last week... More goodness in-store all the time.
For those of you who have not visited, the shop can be found open on Thu 12-6, Fri 12-8 and Sat 12-6 at 117 little Lonsdale st Melbourne (Bus Gallery). Buying and selling new and second hand quality sound, literature and Audio-visual product.Contact the shop during the above hours on 03 9671 4566. Or email me at I do mail order all over the world and take paypal and all major credit cards except Diners.

To see list of new stock, visit

Monday, 15 September 2008

Melbourne International Arts Festival, 9-25 October

Full program online here -

Several things of interest this year, including:

Schoenberg Ensemble
Patti Smith and Phillip Glass collaboration
21 : 100 : 100 (Marco Fusinato and Oren Ambarchi's survey of sound art installation and performance)

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Next Wednesday the 17th of September @ Stutter...

Biddy Connor (Laura Jean/Kes Band) will be playing songs accompanying herself on the viola/live loops and musical saw.

Dave Brown (guitar and electronics) / Alex Masso (drums and maybe electronics) Stuttering, lurching percussion pulses and fractured, textured guitar meet in a melange of sweet roughness.

Finn Ryan - drums and percussion / Sam Dobson - sax, percussion, bass, electronics / Peter Farrar - sax, percussion, electronics / Dale Gorfinkel - sax and percussion. These guys are doing a busking tour of Melbourne playing grooves like you've never heard. Straight off the street.

@ Horse Bazaar
397 Little Lonsdale Street,
8:30 PM
$5 on the door

Click here for Stutter MySpazz

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Shoji Hano (Japan) plays Maximum Arousal this Sunday!

Sun Sept 14
The Toff
252 Swanston St

Maximum Arousal is proud to present:


Shoji Hano was born in 1955, Fukuoka, Japan. His first experience of drumming was at the age of four in the style of Kokura Gion Taiko at a local festival. He began playing the western drum set at the age of 15. With passionate interests to study the drumming of jazz masters such as Max Roach, Art Blakey and "Philly" Joe Jones, Hano commenced public performances in 1974. In 1975, encounters with such mavericks as Kaoru Abe (alto sax) and Toshinori Kondo (trumpet) as well as being introduced to the martial art Shintaido had led Hano to develop his own style of improvised drumming based on the philosophical concepts of the aforementioned martial art form. Continuity in Hano's career is more convincing than impressive with such experiences in Japan, Europe and USA as numerous collaborative performances with Peter Brotzmann, Eugene Chadbourne, Tristan Honsinger, Mototeru Takagi, William Parker, Keiji Haino and many more. His past festival appearances
include Vilnius Jazz Festival (Lithuania), Moers Jazz Festival 2007 (Germany), Poschiavo Uncool Festival (Switzerland) and many more.

This is Shoji Hano's premier visit in Australia.

Shoji will also appear in a blistering trio set with Melbourne-based Dutch saxophonist/free jazz legend Kris Wanders (member of Embers, Globe Unity Orchestra amongst others), + Brisbane-based Japanese guitarist Yusuke Akai who has worked with artists such as Kazuo Imai, Wadada Leo Smith, Jeff Henderson, Damo Suzuki, Sun Of The Seventh Sister & more.
Do not miss this rare glimpse of post-fire-energy music/primitive punk fury/under the radar radicalism!


Upcoming Arousals:

Sun Sept 28 - Brandon Labelle (USA) + Domenico Sciajno (Italy) + Qua
Tue Sept 30 - Spartak CD launch + ii + Flau + Part Timer
Sun Oct 5 - KK Null (Japan) + Chris Smith + Philip Samartzis
Sun Oct 12 - An evening with Matt 'Skitz' Sanders featuring collabs with Sean Baxter, Poletapra, Oren Ambarchi, Rob Mayson

Monday, 8 September 2008

Sabbatical Presents: SCUM NIGHT II

Saturday 13 September Sabbatical presents our seventh monthly night at The Afterdark (565 High Street Northcote), and our second SCUM NIGHT. This time we play host to the harsh noise of Fuck, The Retarded Girl, the hateful improvisation of Occult Blood, the return of the almighty John Butler Fucks Kids (featuring guests Dan Lewis and Mark Groves), and outsider noise entity Cult of the Placenta Head. Non-stop hell; a great Saturday evening is promised all round. Five bucks in from 9pm.

Sustained Release #1 - Pony - 13 Sept 2008

forwarded from Jared Davis:

Saturday 13th September, PONY, 68 Little Collins St, City
9.30PM $7


SUSTAINED RELEASE presents its first exploratory music event, featuring large laptop drones by JARED DAVIS, abrasive lo-fi electronics by EYEOFF (Simon Taylor), engulfing sustained tones by IT'S IS (Rob Mayson) and concluding with a powerful noise set by MARCO FUSINATO. Come for a full evening of high-decibel sounds!

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Next Wednesday the 10th of September @ Stutter...

This week for Stutter's occasional series that focuses on a specific performer in 3 different contexts, avant-improv schlagwerker, Sean Baxter (Pateras/Baxter/Brown, Embers, Bucketrider, Lazy, etc) features in 3 unique collaborations:

  • Anthea Caddy (cello) and Sean Baxter (junk): A collision of the sonic worlds of modernist classical music and the nightmare ambience of Black Metal abstraction.

  • Robbie Avenaim (drumkit and objects) and Sean Baxter (drumkit and objects): A new duo from 2 of Australia's most innovative percussionists which showcases the extreme sonic possibilities of the humble drum.

  • Tim Olive (tabletop guitar and electronics), David Brown (guitar and electronics) and Sean Baxter (drumkit): Featuring Tim Olive (Japan/Canada) in this unique collaboration with longtime conspirators Baxter and Brown, expect the jarring, macrosonic, pointilism of Lazy combined with the deep and complex art of tabletop guitar which Olive has developed into a transcendental sonic force!

  • dj Switchblade Sisters Sound System (Dan Lewis/Aktion Unit, etc)

@ Horse Bazaar
397 Little Lonsdale Street,
8:30 PM
$5 on the door

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Guitarelay@After Dark this Saturday

Now dig this - GUITARELAY takes place this Saturday Night at Afterdark and its Free!

Guitarelay Poster (Orange)
Guitarelay is a performance by numerous solo guitar and bass players whereby one begins, another joins part way through, one may drop out, another joins in etc. The performance is open to reducing to one player or swelling to accommodate a few at once.

Two sets - 9pm & 10:30pm - Giddyup!

Featuring: Seth Rees (This Is Your Captain Speaking/The Spheres), Barnaby Oliver (Wall Of E/Infinite Decimals), Zac Keiller (Quint/Lancaster), Troy Naumoff (Ants/Fibonacci), Ross Harvey (Tractor by Day/Through Lost Hope), Irit Rozenfeld (Cor’delle/Oblako Lodka), Ryan McRobb (Mousetraplecia), Don Rogers (Lost To The City/Volume = Colour) and Gearoid Brinn,

Saturday 6th September @ The Afterdark Bar & Gallery, 565 High St, Northcote, 9pm & 10:30pm - come join the free fun in this unique event!

Monday, 1 September 2008

DE:CONstruction - Forepaw - 5 Sept 2008

forwarded from Scott Baker:
Forepaw again comes alive to strange sounds on Fri 5th September 2008. DE:CONstruction is performances by Team Red, Cray, Evil Jed, Abre Ojos and Screwtape covering everything from abstract electronica to noise.
5 artists who have never played together will construct a collaborative babylonian tower of noise only to destroy it again. The night will begin with a short solo set from each artist and then after a short break will come together in a structured joint performance.

doors open @ 7.15pm
Friday 5th September
entry is $cheap

Playing times:
Team Red: 7.30 - 7.50
Cray: 7.55 - 8.15
Evil jed: 8.20 - 8.40
Abre Ojos: 8.45 - 9.05
Screwtape: 9.10 - 9.30

All in brawl:
9.50 - 10.45

Team Red:
Evil Jed:
Abre Ojos:
275 High Street Northcote Vic 3070 Australia

Olives at Maximum Arousal this Sunday!

Sunday Sept 7
The Toff, 252 Swanston St Melbourne


For well over 10 years, DJ Olive (Gregor Asch) has been a central figure in the New York electronics and art-music communities. He has, both through his solo output andin groups such as WE and Text Of Light, played a number of key roles in branding a variety of divergent genres of music, most recently Rooftop Music stemming from Brooklyn’s countless rooftop parties and happenings.

Working on a wide range of projects including the integrated experimental film/audio cut-ups of Text Of Light (in which he plays alongside Lee Renaldo, Alan Licht and others), the Christian Marclay DJ Trio project, performances alongside members of Sonic Youth in a variety of ensembles and recording/touring with the highly regarded jazz composer Uri Caine, DJ Olive’s audio palette is as diverse as it is unique. He seamlessly brings together disparate and eclectic sound passages to create works that combine the sensibilities of dancehall and breakbeat with glistening textural ambience and electro-acoustic approaches.

Co-founder of Phonomena at subtonic – a performance space and record imprint – with Toshio Kajawara, DJ Olive also maintains theAgriculture, a label that documents the growing Rooftop music scene in New York. His recent output on Phonomena includes the ‘Vinyl Score’ compositions for Belgian cello master Jean Paul Dessy called ‘Kolidescore’ and the piece created for his work alongside iconic Concréte composer Luc Ferrari.

Also apprearing:

Electric bassist/guitarist Tim Olive is a Canadian-born/Japan-based experimentalist who made a splash in recent times with the Supernatural Hot Rug And Not Used project (with Nisikawa Bunsho) and has also collaborated with Nimrod and Fritz Welch of New York's inimitable Peeesseye. Tonight he will team up with Oz percussionist extraordinaire Robbie Avenaim


Mr.Fox returns to Maximum Arousal due to high demand from the audience & bar staff alike! Fox’s laser show describes, in three-dimensional visual space, the geometry of sound. Enveloping the audience in synchronous sound and light information, the experience resembles a synaesthetic experience where what you hear is also what you see. The same electricity generated to move the speaker cones is sent simultaneously to high-speed motors that deflect the laser light on an x/y axis converting sonic vibration into light movement. Always mindblowing!


Upcoming Arousals:

Sun Sept 14 - Shoji Hano (Japan) with Kris Wanders, Yusuke Akai
Sun Sept 28 - Brandon Labelle (USA) + Domenico Sciajno (Italy) + Qua
Tue Sept 30 - Spartak CD launch + ii + Flau + Part Timer
Sun Oct 5 - KK Null (Japan) + Chris Smith + more!
Sun Oct 12 - An evening with Matt 'Skitz' Sanders featuring collabs with Sean Baxter, Poleta Pra, Oren Ambarchi/Rob Mayson

Outpost - La Trobe Uni Art Museum - 17-19 Sept 2008

forwarded from Renae Belton:

Join new media arts collective OUTPOST for a free open jam and workshop. The collective are accomplished sound engineers, musicians and artists who work with the mediums of film, video and audio. In this workshop OUTPOST will take the exhibition of local visual artist Vera Möller and use her work as stimulus to create new audio and visual work projected on to the walls of the space. Participants are invited to bring their own video footage, mp3 players, synthesisers, samplers and any other noise making device and a laptop to process the sounds and images live. Alternatively those without their own gear are welcome to come along for the experience. The OUTPOST crew will be there to provide a flavour of what a live audio visual jam looks, sounds, and feels like and there will be an opportunity for them to talk through the hardware and software they use over a drink on the night.

WHERE: La Trobe University Art Museum Glenn College Bundoora 3086

WHEN: 7PM 17, 18, 19 September

RSVP: Contact Renae Belton on 9479 2111 or