Monday, 30 September 2013

Moving Scores - Bluestone Church Arts - 3 & 4 Oct 2013

3 Shades Black presents: Moving Scores

Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th of October, 8pm.

Bluestone Church Arts Venue, Hyde st, Footscray (Near Napier st)


Moving Scores is an exciting collaboration between new music ensemble 3 Shades Black, and moving image artists. New films made by composers and visual artists will be screened and performed live as graphic scores.

Moving Scores is taking experimental music notation and putting it in motion. We’ve taken the map and made it a GPS. Come hear the image and see the music!

3 Shades Black is thrilled to bring their flagship show, Moving Scores, back to the Melbourne Fringe! Since 2011 we’ve been to Beijing and Auckland, and collected new amazing scores along the way. While joining film and music is familiar, this blending of scores and film is taking a new and exciting direction in the melding of sometimes disparate creative worlds.
(forwarded from Miranda Hill)

Friday, 27 September 2013

More Talk, Less Action: "Junk Music" - West Space - 3 Oct 2013

The More Talk, Less Action series of discussion-based events continues with two more instalments in October:

Thursday 3 October 2013 (7:30pm) – $10 entry (Book online)
Junk Music: redundant technology and detourned devices as instruments.
Featuring: Ernie Althoff, Joanne Cannon, Rod Cooper, Bent Leather Band.
Moderated by Clinton Green.
Facebook event

Three of Australia's most respected experimental instrument makers discuss the ideas, techniques and inspirations behind their use of recycled materials and redundant technologies to create new instruments and sonic situations. From gutted laser printers to gramophones and cooking pots, the discussion promises to be a veritable trash'n'treasure of musical innovation. Includes performances by Ernie Althoff and Bent Leather Band on music machines of their own making.

The next instalment in the series follows later in the month:

Wednesday 23 October 2013, (7:30pm) – $10 entry (Book online)
Our Ears are now in Excellent Condition: sound in the gallery and online.
Featuring: Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, Helen Grogan and Rosalind Hall.
Moderated by Rowan McNaught and Kelly Fliedner.

You can listen to recordings of the three previous instalments of the series and find more details at

New on Shame File Music mailorder

Clinton Green & Andrew McIntosh “Stations” cassette - These recordings were made in preparation for the live performance of a piece of the same name, but in this excerpted/recording context it is the sound of a deep curiosity / fascination with the lives of objects. Metal, ceramic, wood are subjected to scraping, bowing and clattering. organic percussive movement emerges and retreats along with prepared / broken turntable accompaniment. Acoustic chamber concrète. Limited edition of 25 numbered copies.

Clinton Green (Undecisive God) "Archives 1-10: 1991-2007" 19 CDR set - The complete set of the ten installments of the Archive series issued thus far. 19 CDRs covering 16 years of rarities, out-of-print releases, compilation tracks, alternate takes/mixes, live recordings and previously unreleased tracks by Green's Undecisive God project. The CD cases come bound in a handsome card scroll.

Todd Anderson-Kunert "I Need Some Air" CD - Understated yet compelling live-in-studio work incorporating elements of musique concrete, lower case noise and soundscape. Limited editon of 100 hand-numbered and signed copies.

Will Guthrie "Sticks, Stones & Breaking Bones" LP/CD - Powerhouse percussion opus sees Guthrie at his apex as a drum/percussion master. These three pieces explore heavy rhythmical shifts combined with acoustic artefacts from drum reverb. Outstanding album - this is what drum solos were meant to sound like all along. LP version now back in stock.

Order these and more from



Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Imaginary Softwoods - Gasometer - 5 Oct 2013

a colourful storm welcomes john elliott's IMAGINARY SOFTWOODS.

spectrum spools label head, former emerald, synth fanatic.

angel eyes (not not fun)
glass bricks

$10 tickets available now:

(forwarded from Sanjay Fernades)

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Experimental Melbourne Gig Guide for September/October 2013

The latest installment of the Experimental Melbourne gig guide goes to air tonight on Far Side Virtual (PBS-FM). You can stream or download the gig guide here now:

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Bogong Electric Festival - West Space - 2 Oct & Nov 2013

Bogong ELECTRIC Festival Launch

02 Oct 2013

Festival Launch
West Space at 7PM
Level 1, 225 Bourke Street
 Melbourne, Vic, 3000
Featuring performances and artworks by Rod Cooper, Madelynne Cornish and Philip Samartzis comprising images and sounds of the Kiewa Hydroelectric scheme.

01 Nov 2013 — 01 Dec 2013
Festival Launch at West Space
October 2, 7.00pm
Bogong ELECTRIC is a free site-specific exhibition and performance program focusing on the Kiewa Hydroelectric scheme. Curated by Dr Philip Samartzis and Madelynne Cornish, Bogong ELECTRIC is designed to investigate the relationship between the natural and constructed environment using artistic practices that thematically reference electricity within the process of production and presentation. The interplay between artworks and site will provide a diverse range of encounters and experiences for audiences. Bogong ELECTRIC will take place at Bogong Village and features a broad range of national and international artists.
First developed in the 1930s, the hydroelectric scheme is the first of its kind, and the second largest overall in mainland Australia. Since its inception it has evolved to comprise four power stations and attendant infrastructure including dams, rail sidings, substations and networks of tunnels and aqueducts for the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. The scheme begins at an altitude of 1800 meters at Rocky Valley and Pretty Valley reservoirs where snowmelt is periodically released into an interlinked series of power stations and dams distributed along the Kiewa Valley starting with McKay Creek and followed by Bogong and Clover, concluding with the West Kiewa power station before its eventual release into the Kiewa River, a major tributary of the Murray River.
The Australian Alps produces 80% of Australia’s fresh water supply yet only comprises 1% of its landmass. While the bulk of it is designated as a national park, the Australian Alps are also the site of quite complex industrial and commercial enterprises including alpine resorts and hydroelectric power schemes. Hydroelectricity is posited as a sustainable source of renewable energy. Through massive earthworks and complex technical infrastructure, pressurized water is mobilized to generate the electricity required to power the everyday spaces that we inhabit. The range of infrastructure used to exploit the gravitational force of falling or flowing water including turbines, pumps, sub stations, dams and aqueducts and the manner in which they inhabit the natural environment provides a rich source for investigation for a wide range of artists.
The relationship between the natural and constructed environment used to collect and exploit this water supply is quite complex and variegated, providing a compelling subject for consideration given the current discourse surrounding sustainable methods of energy production. Bogong ELECTRIC seeks to expand understanding of the environmental effects of hydroelectricity by direct and indirect encounters of the scheme through installation and performance works, soundscape composition and Internet connectivity.

Further Information
For more details about the festival including full program, location and accommodation options visit
(forwarded from Philip Samartzis)

Tanin-e Melbourne - Wesley Anne - 26 Sept 2013

Every year, Melbourne’s thriving music community comes together to celebrate music in all its forms at the Darebin Music Feast. This rich and diverse collection of musical events of all genres is built on the philosophy that music brings people together. It is a joyous means of engaging and uniting the community. As part of this years Feast Gelareh Pour and Anatman will grace the stage at The Wesley Anne with beautiful and melodic sounds from around the world.

Gelareh Pour's Tanin-e Melbourne...
Gelareh presents her soothing and hypnotic group Tanin-e Melbourne as seen at this years Festival of Slow Music. Playing acoustic versions of tracks from her debut album of the same name, Tanin-e Melbourne create beautiful rhythms and haunting sounds where east meets west and becomes as one. Fronted by Gelareh Pour's angelic voice and Kamancheh (spiked fiddle), this performance will feature Adam Simmons on Shakuhachi/Bass Clarinet, Brian O'Dwyer on Percussion and Ashkhan Shafeie on Guitar.

Anatman play folky, yet experimental music incorporating tabla, classical guitar, melodica, glockenspiel and the looping of these and various other instruments. Without knowing where the inspiration comes from, or where the music is going, Anatman is on a comprehensive search to find their sound, with the sincere hope that they will never find it.

Doors: 7:30

Anatman: 8:30

Gelareh Pour's Tanin-e Melbourne: 10

Cost: $10

(forwarded from Anatman Jones)

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Tuesday September 24th @ the Make It Up Club

This week at MIUC we delve deep into the world of circuitry, current and the vociferous amplification thereof with three distinctly different approaches to the cover-all term of ''electronics''. Miles Brown makes (up) his way through murky, darkness-drenched soundscapes with his trusty theremin in tow, using heterodyning oscillators to illustrate why his unearthly auditory weapon of choice was originally knows as the aetherphone. Ceri Hann is a public-embracing artist whose practice is rich in the sublimity of the quotidian, with little regard for delineations between the importance of the audible/tangible/visible/gustatory and high/low dichotomy, and he will create sounds for listeners. And spontaneous string-slaughterers Be Nice To Us play guitars like Adolph Rickenbacker destroyed everything they've ever loved in flurries of MPC-driven plodding noisecore bliss. And the symbiotic trio of Reuben Lewis, Geoff Hughes and Ronny Ferella take to the Bar Open stage again for some free jazz sonics ranging from intimately delicate to all-out firebrandism. 

Miles Brown (Theremin, Electronics)
Ceri Hann (Electronics)
Be Nice To Us feat. Aki (Guitar & Voice), Nayuto (Guitar & Voice) & Sohei (MPC)
Reuben Lewis (Trumpet), Geoff Hughes (Guitar) & Ronny Ferella (Drums)

The Make It Up Club
Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
Doors at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm start

Coming Up:
1/10/2013: The Euphoriacs; Spider Goat Canyon; Wicked City.
8/10/2013: Keith!Party & DJ2; Pikelet; Atarangi & Raceless
15/10/2013: Agonhymn; Cocks Arquette; Hotel Wrecking City Traders
22/10/2013: DEAD; Wanderlust; Exhaustion
29/10/2013: Occult Blood
5/11/2013: James Rushford & Joe Talia; Sean Baxter, Mitchell Brennan & Erkki Veltheim; Bum Creek
12/11/2013: Klaus Filip; Dave Brown; Georgie Darvidis & Jenny Barnes
19/11/2013: Tim Catlin & Barnaby Oliver; Llara & Kyli Goodall; Tim McNeill
26/11/2013: Oceans; Mark Groves; Yuko Kono
3/12/2013: Erebis vs. Reuben Lewis & Ronny Ferella; Bukkake Brothers; Fad
10/12/2013: Crude; Julius Millar.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Tuesday September 17th @ the Make It Up Club

This Tuesday at MIUC is another diverse demonstration of the liberated state of modern music, a bumper four-act celebration of the sonodemocracy that we are lucky enough to live in where no texture or tone colour is discriminated against. Extreme free jazz clashes with extreme free noise as Sam Dunscombe pays homage to one of the most intense reed-abusers to ever have lived, Japanese saxophonist Kaoru Abe, by hyperextending his clarinet with electronic means and attempting to top Abe's signature abrasiveness. Using a couple of pads, microkeyboards and a netbook or two, legendary electroacoustic microtonalist Warren Burt indulges in sonic construction, exploring the inner workings of teeny-tiny tunings without the least hint of sonic destruction or mechagodzillian teddy-bear dismantlement. Hammers Lake is the indeterminate trio of cellist Judith Hamann, vocaliser Carolyn Connors and a different percussionist each performance, in this case VCA's Head of Percussion Peter Neville - but whilst their membership isn't always the same the marvel that is their masterful improvisation and interplay most certainly is. And Perth-based digital data doyen Kynan Tan further explores the potentialities of the computer as a transporter to transcendence, a strategy to the sublime, an audible interpretation of Gysin's dreamachine. 
Sam Dunscombe (Clarinet & Analogue/Digital Synthesis)
Warren Burt (Voice & Electronics)
Hammers Lake feat. Carolyn Connors (Voice), Judith Hamann (Cello) & Peter Neville (Percussion)
Kynan Tan (Electronics)

The Make It Up Club
Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
Doors at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm start

Coming Up:
24/09/2013: Miles Brown; Ceri Hann; Be Nice To Us
1/10/2013: The Euphoriacs
8/10/2013: Keith!Party & DJ2; Pikelet; Atarangi & Raceless
15/10/2013: Agonhymn; Cocks Arquette; Hotel Wrecking City Traders
22/10/2013: DEAD; Wanderlust; Exhaustion
29/10/2013: Zond; Occult Blood
5/11/2013: James Rushford & Joe Talia; Sean Baxter, Mitchell Brennan & Erkki Veltheim; Bum Creek
12/11/2013: Klaus Filip; Dave Brown; Georgie Darvidis & Jenny Barnes
19/11/2013: Tim Catlin & Barnaby Oliver; The Arenas; Tim McNeill
26/11/2013: Oceans; Mark Groves; Yuko Kono
3/12/2013: Erebis vs. Reuben Lewis & Ronny Ferella; Bukkake Brothers; Fad
10/12/2013: Crude.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Sabbatical Presents 150913

Sabbatical Presents
Nokes & Cook
Bleach Boys
Match Fixer
Noematic Oblivion

Live at Holdings
492 Bell Street Pascoe Vale South
3pm Sunday 15 September 2013
Seven dollars

If you are coming by car there is no parking on Bell Street, but you should be able to find some in York Street which is just around the corner. The last stop on the 55 tram at Bell Street will get you nearby. Holdings is about a 5 block walk west from there. If you can get to Bell or Coburg Station the 513 bus will take you pretty much across the road. Just ask to get off before Reynolds Parade. Holdings is across the road from a 7-Eleven (which is on the corner of Reynolds & Bell) if you need a landmark.

Friday, 13 September 2013

More Talk, Less Action - West Space - 19 Sept 2013

Laptops, Costumes, Pedals and Projections: issues for live performance of experimental, drone and noise music

"Music can you take you somewhere. Lots of music takes me nowhere at all.
Sometimes, it is interesting to hear, but I’m left wanting more. I want an experience, to be in a zone that is fluid, unpredictable and inclusive, shaped by the audience, with an element of risk." - Paul Kidney.

Laptops, Costumes, Pedals and Projections: issues for live performance of experimental, drone and noise music – Thursday 19 September 2013, 7:30pm, at West Space, Level 1, 225 Bourke St, Melbourne

Is it enough for musicians to hunch over a laptop or a bank of effects pedals and let the sound speak for itself? Do audiences have the right to expect to be entertained? Does an undue emphasis on movement and visuals detract from the music? Our panel includes musicians who push the boundaries of conventional performance. Short demonstrations by the Hi-God People and Michael Pulsford will explore the possibilities for performance of experimental music.

On the panel are:

Julian Williams (has been involved in experimental music and theatre for 25 years, and is known for his performance group The Hi-God People and a series of indie bands, solo recordings and plays/movement pieces)

Paul Kidney (mild-mannered nurse by day, by night freaksound DJ of Ear Of The Behearer and front thing for improv/psych/noise collective The Paul Kidney Experience)

Michael Pulsford (teaches performance and live art at RMIT's School of Art, and is an improvising drummer)

Moderated by More Talk, Less Action co-curator, Greg Wadley.

More Talk, Less Action is a series of events incorporating both discussion and performances on specific themes of relevance to contemporary practice of experimental music, noise and sound art. 

Momentum - Conduit 19-22 Sept 2013

Nat Grant, Conduit Arts and Melbourne Fringe present Momentum: Live
 Thurs 19, Friday 20, Sat 21 and Sun 22 September at 6pm - free.

Nat Grant's online composition project Momentum comes to life with four consecutive performances for Fringe. By integrating electronic processing and sampling with acoustic sound recordings, Nat creates cumulative sound worlds that link human, digital and natural environments. Hear sounds recorded daily, then sculpted into four unique live performances over four nights

Created and Performed by Nat Grant

(forwarded from Nat Grant)

Great sounds in Bendigo this weekend, some free.

Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music" Feldman String Quartet No 2 (free), OpenLab, Handmade Instruments, Kurt Cobain's ashes?, Sam Dunscombe recital. Lots more. Visit Bendigo, or listen on ABC classic FM.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

7pm 18 Sept. at Conduit arts: quartet - Byrne, Tan, Thompson and Chang

Special Event Early Show

Ben Byrne, Kynan Tan, Brett Thompson & Alice Hui-Sheng Chang
(one set all together!!!)

7pm, Wednesday 18th Sept. 2013

at Conduit Arts Initiative,
83 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy (close to Gertrudes Street)

More details on later that night:!program-music/ch3c

Ernie Althoff: the concept of organised sound (article in Overland magazine online)

In a shopfront gallery on Brunswick Street experimental composer and performer Ernie Althoff sets up his homemade music machines on a table. The machines are simple structures that are designed to simultaneously be played, play by themselves, and respond to the vagaries of a spinning pendulum, the wind, or any number of other external elements. It is mid-winter and some of the audience have gone out in the freezing wind to smoke, others are poring over stands of CDs and records for sale. Leads are plugged in; tiny motors begin to rotate, sending the fragile self-playing instruments into motion. The crowd are still conversing, but slowly, attention turns to the machines. Vertical strips of sheet metal twist like leaves in the wind, catch on suspended nails, or touch the inside of an empty tin can. The turning and spinning create a pleasantly arrhythmic series of chiming tones. He places a golf ball in a large flattened bowl, moving it around, producing a kind of rolling bass. He adds a shaker to the mix, waggles metallic clapping sticks, taps a toy drum. Irregular yet synchronized. He is constantly adjusting, shifting, and varying his devices. The effect is an intimate sound experience.

Read the full article here in Overland

NIL STOCK curates MUSIKUNST --- 4pm Saturday 21st September

This month MUSIKUNST comes 1 week early and
Conversation Records & Venting Gallery presents, 3 sets of blocks

MORNING HARVEST (Balinese Flute ambient)
BLOWFLY (Alto Sax & Unaustralians Drummachine)

"Sunglasses & Earplugs" PURE SINECORE



As always, doors 4 pm, performance 4:30 pm, entry $10/$5 conc
GB Hotel Basement 447 Church St Richmond

Current 2013 #2 - Conduit 14-15 Sept 2-13

(forwarded from Ren Walters)

Open LAB at BIFEM2013, Bendigo

Ben Kolaitis and Richie Cyngler from OpenLAB are trekking to Bendigo this weekend for some hand-made synthesiser workshop love plus combined talks. It's all part of the The Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music that's happening this weekend. So if you're up for a quick jaunt out of Melbourne, now's your chance!

2.30pm-5.00pm SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 14
The Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music has invited OpenLAB to host a workshop on making your own synthesiser!!!

All tickets $30 (12 participants only)
Book Here:

#BIFEM2013 invites you to spend Saturday afternoon with Ben and Richie from OpenLAB, learning how to build your own mini Synthesiser. Make a simple oscillator and learn how to control it using all manner of weird and wonderful things like pot plants, light and even touch! All you need is some imagination and enthusiasm. All workshop materials provided.

La Trobe University Visual Arts Centre

As a part of #BIFEM2013, OpenLAB will explore and share the wonderful world of creative electronics and programming. Find out about Kinect midi controllers combined with Virtual Reality visuals, electronic crickets that live with nature, synthesisers controlled by plants and some history to the important roles opensource and DIY communities have in creative exploration. OpenLAB is a monthly forum, based in Melbourne, where artists, musicians, engineers, performers and designers can come together and share their work and creative passions. BIFEM 2013 is proud to present Open LAB’s Talk and Workshop.

You can find the rest of #BIFEM2013 program here:

Facebook Page:
Or want to share your stuff online? Go to our Facebook Group:



Avantwhatever Monthly - September 2013

Candlesnuffer (Guitar & Preparations)
Jonathon Nokes (Modular Synth & Vox)
Judith Hamann (Cello)

The Alderman
134 Lygon St

Wednesday September 25

Entry $10 | 8pm

Avantwhatever Monthly is held the last Wednesday of every month at The Alderman in Brunswick - join the Avantwhatever group on Facebook or go to and sign up to the mailing list to hear about upcoming releases and events.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Tuesday September 10th @ the Make It Up Club

This week at Make It Up Club the audial barrage does not stop, as we offer up three doses of sonic punishment for improv diehards with a penchance for all-out brutality. Three gentlemen who have absorbed much inspiration from the aesthetic ferocity of grindcore and extreme metal, Sean ''Blaster'' Baxter on percussives, Pete ''Howler'' Hyde on vocal abuse and Chris ''Shredder'' Nylstoch on six-string mangling, together should prove for a truly terrifying trip into the sonoverse. Two druids of Melbournian drone, Bonnie Mercer and Toby Matthews, evoke dense, viscous chunks of tone from their guitars to transport listeners into a world of disorientatingly blissful psychedelia. And Brian O'Dwyer, Gelareh Pour and Mick Trembath draw from a wide range of musical catalysts including free jazz, traditional Iranian music and southern-fried blues, but just in case that's not sufficiently diverse they will be joined by butoh dancer Shiro Mu

Pete Hyde (Vocals), Christopher Nylstoch (Guitar) & Sean Baxter (Drums)
Bonnie Mercer (Guitar) & Toby Matthews (Guitar)
Brian O'Dwyer (Drums), Gelareh Pour (Kamanche & Voice), Mick Trembath (Resonator Guitar) & Shiro Mu (Butoh)

The Make It Up Club
Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
Doors at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm start

Coming Up:
17/09/2013: Sam Dunscombe; Warren Burt; Hammers Lake; Kynan Tan
24/09/2013: Miles Brown; Ceri Hann; Be Nice To Us

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

5 Sept. 6pm at RMIT School of Art Gallery: Alice Hui-Sheng Chang and Ami Yamasaki

Silent Matter Performance

Austrian artist Eva-Maria Raab’s installation, Silent Matter, will be used as a site for performances by Taiwanese artist Alice Hui-Sheng Chang (Voice) and Japanese artist Ami Yamasaki (Voice/Intermedia). This performance is part of the The Quiet Addition, three exhibitions hosted over three sites—RMIT School of Art Gallery, Spare Room and BLINDSIDE—set to explore the notion of silence within sonic-related arts practice. The Quiet Addition is a component of the Liquid Architecture Festival 2013: Sonic City.

WHAT -- site-responsive performances to Eva-Maria Raab's Silent Matter exhibition by 
Taiwanese artist Alice Hui-Sheng Chang (Voice) and 
Japanese artist Ami Yamasaki (Voice/Intermedia)

WHEN -- Thursday 5 September, 6pm sharp

WHERE -- RMIT School of Art Gallery: RMIT Building 2, level 2, room 8, Bowen Street, Melbourne, VIC

Alice's website --

Demetriou/Bison Grass/Emptage/Cher-Gibard/Rushford & Talia - Conduit - 5 Sept 2013

C o n d u i t A r t s P r e s e n t s

E r i c D e m e t r i o u

B i s o n G r a s s

P e t e r H e n r y E m p t a g e

M a r c o C h e r - g i b a r d

J a m e s R u s h f o r d / J o e T a l i a

S e p t e m b e r 5 t h / 7 : 3 0 p m

8 3 B r u n s w i c k s t F i t z r o y

1 0 d o l l a r s

c u r a t e d b y T r a v i s J o h n

(forwarded from Travis John)

Monday, 2 September 2013

Out Hear soundwalks - 11, 18, 25 Sept 2013

Sproing Sprung Spring! Melbourne Soundwalks

Three Wednesday evenings in September

Join musician and Out Hear founder, Dale Gorfinkel, and Anthony Magen (Australian Forum of Acoustic Ecology) for a series of sonic adventures through the city to celebrate the arrival of warmer months! The experience of walking with a focus on listening will reveal surprising and subtle perspectives of Melbourne's streets, laneways, and secret spaces.

Dates: Wednesday evenings - 11th, 18th, 25th  September
Time: 6pm - please arrive 10min earlier to register your place
Meet: Federation Square stage (under the big screen)
Duration: 1 hour
Cost: $15/10
Bookings: book now on Trybooking
Bring sensible shoes for walking

more info and updates:

(forwarded from Dale Gorfinkel)

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Tuesday September 3rd @ the Make It Up Club

For this edition of MIUC we are thrilled to play host to some of the finest improvisers Australia has ever produced, in a veritable feast for the cerebrum guaranteed to set synapses firing and dopamine levels spiking. Golden Fur get back to their improvisatory roots for their first show together in over a year, exciting the auditory cortex to make sense of tonal textures both unfamiliar and stunning. Marco Fusinato and Robin Fox barrage cerebella with thick tumultuous waves of electronic cacophony, eliciting emotional extremes from the nucleus accumbens without purveying a shred of literal meaning. And post-folk wunderkind Francis Plagne makes his first solo foray into the realm of spontaneous music, variously satisfying and violating sonic and cultural expectations to the point that your prefrontal cortex won't be certain if he's comfortingly customary or anomalously alienating. Certainly one not to miss. 
Golden Fur feat. Sam Dunscombe (Bass Clarinet), Judith Hamann (Cello) & James Rushford (Viola)
Marco Fusinato (Guitar & Electronics) & Robin Fox (Electronics)
Frances Plagne (Sound)

The Make It Up Club
Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
Doors at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm start

Coming Up:
10/09/2013: Bonnie Mercer & Toby Matthews; Brian O'Dwyer, Gelareh Pour & Shiro Mu; Peter Hyde, Chris Nylstoch & Sean Baxter
17/09/2013: Sam Dunscombe; Warren Burt; Hammers Lake; Kynan Tan
24/09/2013: Miles Brown; Ceri Hann; Be Nice To Us