More Talk, Less Action: "Junk Music" - West Space - 3 Oct 2013

The More Talk, Less Action series of discussion-based events continues with two more instalments in October:

Thursday 3 October 2013 (7:30pm) – $10 entry (Book online)
Junk Music: redundant technology and detourned devices as instruments.
Featuring: Ernie Althoff, Joanne Cannon, Rod Cooper, Bent Leather Band.
Moderated by Clinton Green.
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Three of Australia's most respected experimental instrument makers discuss the ideas, techniques and inspirations behind their use of recycled materials and redundant technologies to create new instruments and sonic situations. From gutted laser printers to gramophones and cooking pots, the discussion promises to be a veritable trash'n'treasure of musical innovation. Includes performances by Ernie Althoff and Bent Leather Band on music machines of their own making.

The next instalment in the series follows later in the month:

Wednesday 23 October 2013, (7:30pm) – $10 entry (Book online)
Our Ears are now in Excellent Condition: sound in the gallery and online.
Featuring: Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, Helen Grogan and Rosalind Hall.
Moderated by Rowan McNaught and Kelly Fliedner.

You can listen to recordings of the three previous instalments of the series and find more details at

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