Dada Turntable Percussion Machines

ToBeContinued : March24th : Streamed Live Music Marathon : 00:00-24:00 CET / 10:00-10:00 AEDT

New Dimensions in Incomprehensibilities

Insomnicide (ADL), Uboa, Deader, Corpsepaint x-press at grace darling

Sacred order Justin Ashworth Die Like a God Kutuk at Lastchance

Beliegha, Ehsan Gelsi, Tramstein, 2360 at night heron

ERCHA, Scenic Recovery, Bloodofito, CHADO KATA at Bendigo

Abstract Paradigms Podcast - Edition 22 - 16/03/2018

The Sound of One Hand Clapping: explorations in sight and sound from the other side (installation #1)

Experimental Sound documentary on Melbourne, Australia, now free to view.