MIUC 201118: Floris Vanhoof (BE); Francis Plagne; Biddy Connor; Justin Fuller

Pterygium - Concealing The Past

New items released /distributed by Shame File Music

Dream Mirror - II

Three videos of kinetic sound installations by Ernie Althoff

MIUC 131118: AAO Creative Music Intensive;Quill/Geoghegan; Smith

CURRENT 2018 #2 - The Burrow - 10 & 11 Nov 2018

MIUC 061118: WPH; Perfume; Spit Shine

New releases from Frustration Jazz label!

Freshwater Listening

GNAUMGN - domestic field recordings / art around the house

MIUC 301018: Thorpe/Taylor/Morris; Revert; Moles/Parwata