Saturday, 26 September 2015

Improv Idol - Wesley Anne - 1 Oct 2015

Improv Idol
Thursday 1 October 2015, 8pm
Wesley Anne, 250 High Street, Northcote

Improv Idol is one part talent show, one part music improvisation laboratory, with bucket loads of audience participation and fun. Contestants vie for the glory of being crowned Melbourne’s first Improv Idol in a series of group improvisations. Guided by a panel of expert judges, YOU the audience votes for their favourite improviser, who then progresses through to the next round.

Our illustrious judges: Carolyn Connors, Sean Baxter, Ian Parsons

Our Improv Idol finalists: Mat Blackwell (guitar/kazoo/fully sikk wikkid beatboxing yo), Gary Butler (guitar/toys/stupidity), Brae Grims (cornet/mellophone), Gemma Horbury (trumpet/voice), Jessica Isgro (vocals), Barnaby Oliver (guitar), David Seedsman (sax/drums/vocals), Shane Van Den Akker (vocals).
Come along on 1 October and make your vote count!

Facebook event

Improv Idol head honchos joined judges Carolyn Connors and Ian Parsons on Ian's show The Sound Barrier on PBS-FM on Wednesday night - you can listen to it here.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Old Tech New Decks - Grand Caravan 18 Sep to 3 Oct 2015


Old Sounds Woven into New Music

We love to hear familiar songs and tunes, but what if the music was new and the sounds were familiar? Sound artists Matt Rankin and Vanessa Nimmo will amuse and entertain with 45 minutes of quirky music built with the sounds of old technology and manipulated with the newest of technologies. A blast from your aural past, it combines the sounds of typewriters, cassette tapes, dial-up Internet and more to create moving and playfully nostalgic music.

Old Tech New Decks: Old Sounds Woven into New Music, featuring composers Matt Rankin 
and Vanessa Nimmo, plays as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival in Fringe Hub popup venue The Grand Caravan. In our intimate OLD TECH venue of a refitted caravan you can get up close and personal with our tech, discover the sounds of your past and get hands-on with the show. Want to get involved already? Head to our website and tell us your most nostalgic old tech sound, either the ones you miss or the ones you love to hate (I’m looking at you, dial-up internet). 

Vanessa Nimmo's musical career showcases her wide range of talents; from performing on stage, right down to composing new music (and hunting for dusty books on musical analysis), Vanessa does it all. She has a passion for sharing music with the young and old, and is an experienced director and teacher. She wants to take new music out of the suits and concert halls and into chilled out venues where it can have a beer and a bit of a chat. Or is it the audience that gets to do that?

Matt Rankin is an accomplished composer-programmer who creates music for electronic and live orchestras and ensembles, and game soundtracks. This show builds on his youthful pastimes of playing video games and transcribing the music into MIDI files. He is a wizard with all things musically technological.


VENUE: Fringe Hub – The Grand Caravan
Cnr Victoria St and Hawke St, Nth Melbourne, 3051

DATES: Sept 18-20, 22-27, 29-30, Oct 1-3
TIMES: 6.30 pm, Sun 5.30 pm (45 min)
(forwarded from Tim Jones)

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Movement investigations @ Conduit Arts Initiative, Thursday 1st October, 8pm.

 Thursday 1st October @ Conduit Arts Initiative, 8pm.

Movement investigations is an improvised performance scenario whereby sound and movement artists are paired at random for short improvised performances.

Sound practitioners are:
Leo Kavanagh
Lloyd Honeybrook
Shani Mohini-Holmes
Zhu Wenbo (China)
Todd Anderson-Kunert

Movement practitioners are :
Marissa Rae Niederhauser
Gerard Van Dyck
Maud L├ęger
Jay Robinson
Claire Leske

$10 Entry.

Conduit Arts Initiatve
83 Brunswick St Fitzroy

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Liquid Architecture - various venues - Sept 2015

Liquid Architecture is currently underway with a diverse range of events taking place at various venues. Check out the details here

Sunday, 13 September 2015

New albums by Christopher de Groot

Two recent theatre works by composer Christopher de Groot have been released as soundtrack albums on local label The Mind Is Listening.

Dream Home
Fusing the unsettling sound world of Lynchian suburbia with the body horror music of David Cronenberg films, de Groot's music is filled with terror and nostalgic sadness. Mixing multiple electric guitars, classical harps, reverb washed mellotrons, and field recordings of bee hives with the haunting quality of a solo bass flute, de Groot's score is a nightmare you wont want to wake up from.

Music and sound design from the theatre show Dream Home by playwright Emilie Collyer, performed in May at the Norhtcote Town Hall as part of the 2015 Darebin Speakeasy season. 

This score was written to accompany the theatre adaptation of Igmar Bergman's classic film Persona, directed by Sam Barrett and performed at the 2014 MUST Container Festival. Taking inspiration from 1950s electroacoustic tape music, de Groot's soundtrack is a dark and immersive accompaniment for an existential modern horror classic. 

Dream Home and Persona are available through The Mind Is Listening. 

(forwarded from Christopher de Groot)

Wednesday, 2 September 2015


Australia's favourite ultra-capitalist response to the lucrative terrorist demographic once again proves its niche market dominance with two stellar new pieces of agit-prop iconoclasty:


Captain of Team Australia, Mr Tony Abbott, begins this piece, his incitement to beheadings slowly slurring under the weight of smooth capitalist granular stretching... gradual sinking into a desert storm so deep that the only way to remove one's head from the sand is to lop it off entirely.  Half an hour of deep angry drones and whitewashed political noise, guaranteed to motivate one to radical unpleasantness.


Dedicated to the proud men and women of the Border Force, these two slabs of grinding demographic profiling not only will keep you safe, but will keep your children's children safe as well.  Harsh capitalist noise, dark atmospheric waves, broken patriotic glitches, and full-system feedback all conspire to break one's spirit, and, once broken, reform it into an idealised uber-Australian, shades of grey washed away. 

(As with all HARAAM releases, these motivational aides can be downloaded for free, but doing so does go against the corporate oligarchy, and reduces the market dominance of the wage-slave power structures.  Whose team are you batting for, anyway?)