Old Tech New Decks - Grand Caravan 18 Sep to 3 Oct 2015


Old Sounds Woven into New Music

We love to hear familiar songs and tunes, but what if the music was new and the sounds were familiar? Sound artists Matt Rankin and Vanessa Nimmo will amuse and entertain with 45 minutes of quirky music built with the sounds of old technology and manipulated with the newest of technologies. A blast from your aural past, it combines the sounds of typewriters, cassette tapes, dial-up Internet and more to create moving and playfully nostalgic music.

Old Tech New Decks: Old Sounds Woven into New Music, featuring composers Matt Rankin 
and Vanessa Nimmo, plays as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival in Fringe Hub popup venue The Grand Caravan. In our intimate OLD TECH venue of a refitted caravan you can get up close and personal with our tech, discover the sounds of your past and get hands-on with the show. Want to get involved already? Head to our website and tell us your most nostalgic old tech sound, either the ones you miss or the ones you love to hate (I’m looking at you, dial-up internet). 

Vanessa Nimmo's musical career showcases her wide range of talents; from performing on stage, right down to composing new music (and hunting for dusty books on musical analysis), Vanessa does it all. She has a passion for sharing music with the young and old, and is an experienced director and teacher. She wants to take new music out of the suits and concert halls and into chilled out venues where it can have a beer and a bit of a chat. Or is it the audience that gets to do that?

Matt Rankin is an accomplished composer-programmer who creates music for electronic and live orchestras and ensembles, and game soundtracks. This show builds on his youthful pastimes of playing video games and transcribing the music into MIDI files. He is a wizard with all things musically technological.


VENUE: Fringe Hub – The Grand Caravan
Cnr Victoria St and Hawke St, Nth Melbourne, 3051

DATES: Sept 18-20, 22-27, 29-30, Oct 1-3
TIMES: 6.30 pm, Sun 5.30 pm (45 min)
(forwarded from Tim Jones)