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Opening night 6 – 8.30pm Tuesday 1st May 2012. New Low, Goodtime Studios, Basement 746 Swanston St Carlton VIC 3053. Enter via Lynch Lane. Runs from 12 – 6pm Wednesday 2nd to Friday 4th May 2012 or by appointment, call 0415152067.

This May, New Low will exhibit the solo show "Intimacy" by local contemporary creative Mai Gryffydd. Using video, the body and wax, Mai has composed a large-scale temporal site-specific installation by pouring a sea of coloured wax across the gallery floor. An expanded painting/sculpture awaits the audience, asking them to experience and interact. 

For the New Low On The Side order, Sophie Brous with Tarquin Manek (Bum Creek) will grace the stage with divine new primitive voice improv creations, while Dan Lewis (Aktion Unit, Golden Dawn) and Jenny Branagan (Nun) turn pins and needles, keys and delays, lace and leather into wholly trace-wave vibes. Sealing the deal to finish the night, School Girl Report (Samuel Miers & Daniel Oakman) will serve up some of their Bateman's Bay grown blonde fog hesitation rock.




Tape Projects, 1/81 Bouverie St. Carlton
$10 FB Event

Muno Zamm - Ibon Sa Dream EP

Melbourne’s Muno Zamm inhabits a world where day and night forever intersect. Where the sun hangs gracefully at the horizon, and the hum of traffic, speakers and insects become a soundtrack for the half-light. Eschewing software synths and processing in favour of buzzing effects units, analogue mixers, tape recorders and 80s hi-fi components, Muno creates a somewhat wonky, dreamlike soundscape. Lo-fi psychedelia melts into washed out dub and crackly, misshapen samples in a post-electro haze.

To listen:

Debut EP 'Ibon Sa Dream' written and recorded to videotape 7th-16th October 2011. Available at Northside Records, Melbourne.


(forwarded from Muno Zamm)

Friday, 27 April 2012

The Howling Sound @ Federation Square, May 4 to 6

THE HOWLING SOUND is a brand new project to be staged at Federation Square by The Click Clack Project from 4-6 May 2012. Deconstructing a ‘rock gig,’ audiences will experience a performance that translates typical rock instruments into sound art. The show will feature the brilliant sound art group, the Amplified Elephants, comprising musicians with an intellectual disability and guest drum kit player and sound artist, Sean Baxter. The Howling Sound is artistically directed by sound artist and composer, James Hullick, who is the Director of The Click Clack Project Inc.

Presented by Federation Square, Footscray Community Arts Centre and The University of Melbourne’s Music Mind and Wellbeing Initiative



Directed by James Hullick 

4-6 MAY 2012, 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM each night

@ FEDERATION SQUARE'S ATRIUM, enter via Flinders Street

Tuesday May 1st @ the Make It Up Club

In the final installment of our Hamann/Connors residency, Judy and Carolyn are joined by Sean Baxter. Fusing the abrasive austerity of avant classical extended technique with the sonic ambiguity, and formal abstraction of non-idiomatic improv, this trio revels in the challenge of making difficult listening palatable. Also, Clinton Green returns with his solo detourned turntable project, augmenting broken vinyl sources with percussive preparations. And, the MIUC's resident audial genius, Stephen Richards is joined by noise wunderkind Mitchel Brennan, on scratch-built modular analogue synth and post-concrete digital sound generation and processing respectively. 

Carolyn Connors (voice) and Judith Hamann (cello) with Sean Baxter (percussion)
Clinton Green (detourned records, objects and turntables)
Stephen Richards (analogue synthesizer) and Mitchel Brennan (laptop)

The Make It Up Club
Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
Doors at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm start

Coming up:
08/05: Dudes with Trowels and special guest Stephen Magnusson; Ren Walters and Scott McConnachie.
15/05: Travis John and Eric Demetriou; Rod Cooper.
22/05: Heilsgechichte; PCS x VJ Ladylux.
29/05: James McLean and Sam Pankhurst.

ICE CREAM EXORCISM 5: The Gerpanese Party - Discobeans - Sun 29-04-12

pa_on_record and Discobeans present;
The Gerpanese Party has come together to provide the high quality of life fulfilling need s of all the senses. It is a day to celebrate open obsessive nature of human being, and raise some fund for me to stalk a band in Germany in May. There will be glittery performances by ear opening performers, jaw dropping tasteful food prepared by Discobeans and eye popping Ice Cream Exorcism merchandise. This event also coincide with the launch of a compilation album
Gerpanese - Music to Stalk To, 13 tracks of magnificent obsession for a band based in Germany by 13 gempacked artists from Brisbane, Melbourne and Finland.

$5 entry, free entry for children
from 4pm

Music to excite you by
BOTSKI (if he could run fast enough to fit 2 shows in one day)
DOT.A.Y (DJ set)

Food by Discobeans

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Cray and VICMOD ENS live Bendigo Sat 28th April

Cray and the VICMOD ENSemble will be performing live as part of the 2 day Bendigo, Sonic Decadence festival Sat 28th April.

VICMOD ENSemble will have their first recordings available from VICMOD Records in the next few days. The recording are a mixture of live modular performances from 2006 - 2011 with various members involved in the recordings.

Cray will be performing on computer for his abstract electronics performance. Cray has just had 2 photos from his archives appear in underground New York magazine "Linda" and more albums will be released shortly on VICMOD Records.

Cray will be performing around 4pm on Saturday and VICMOD Ensemble will be performing at 8pm also on Saturday 28th April.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

School Girl Report - John Curtin Hotel - 26 Apr 2012

School Girl Report - Bateman’s Bay’s latest blonde fog act, who many are calling ‘the shape of hesitation rock to come.’

Penguins – your very own Wonky-doom master.

Circular Keys (Absolute Boys/Colossal Youth) - Melbourne’s supreme loft-poppers, think Burial crossed with Madonna’s ‘Rain.'

Yuko Kono Electric Band (My Pal Foot Foot/Mad Nanna etc.) – delicate treasures from Japan.

Straylight (Krakatoa/Christmas St) - the calm-step pioneers in their first outing since the famous performance with Sun Araw at the Nelligen Mechanics Institute in January.

DJ's between sets ~
James Tom
Woosho Michel

John Curtin Hotel
Thursday 26th April

(forwarded from Samual Miers)

Monday, 23 April 2012

New on Shame File Music - April 2012

New releases from Shame File Music:

Val Stephen “Electrogenesis” mp3/CD - Against a backdrop of nascent electronic music experimentation in 1960s Melbourne, a self-avowed 'amateur' musician became the first Australian to have electronic music released commercially on an international label. Val Stephen (featured on “Artefacts of Australian experimental music: 1930-1973” CD), a practising anaesthetist, developed an interest in electronic music in the late 1950s and recorded a large body of work with a range of tools and techniques. Stephen's music, along with his public advocacy of electronic music, was pioneering in regard to the acceptance of electronic music as a legitimate musical concern in Melbourne.

Stephen's work reveals a level of diversity in the development of Australian electronic music that is outside both the academy and commercial applications. The music selected here is from a much larger pool of recordings on nearly one hundred reel-to-reel tapes and twenty-five audio cassettes that formed Stephen's private collection.

Download this selection from along with liner notes by Clinton Green, or alternatively purchase a CDR version for $10ppd.

Hectic Head "No Shame No Games" mp3/CD - Lo-fi electronica mixed with field recordings and folk tunes and a subtle hint of bongwater. This airy, atmospheric EP paints a dystopic picture of decrepit and quietly desperate suburban backwaters. The opener "Down in Snowtown" will send a chill down the spine of anyone familiar with that infamous South Australian town. Download this selection from or purchase a CDR version for $10ppd

Coming Soon: Ernie Althoff “Moggs Creek Picnic Ground” CD

New titles on the Shame File Music catalogue:

Will Guthrie "Sticks, Stones & Breaking Bones"CD/LP Powerhouse percussion opus sees Guthrie at his apex as a drum/percussion master. These three pieces explore heavy rhythmical shifts combined with acoustic artefacts from drum reverb. Outstanding album - this is what drum solos were meant to sound like all along. CD $20ppd, LP $35ppd

The Ames Room "Bird Dies" CD Brutal, intense free jazz trio (Jean Luc Guinnet, Will Guthrie and Clayton Thomas) with heavy emphasis on polyrhythmic effect by both drums, bass and even the sax, bar a few lyrical figures that occasionally appear from the latter. Live recording in front of an ecstatic audience in 2010 - $20ppd

Dead Boomers "The Pig in the Python" LP Debut full length album after several short-run cassette and CDR releases, this vinyl-only release shows how the Melbourne duo has evolved from a harsh noise outfit to minimalist power electronics creating precise, sharp, and deadly "songs". The Dead Boomers thematic and lyrical content concerns the future realities for society of an ageing baby boomer population, full of anger, despair and resignation (limited edition of 300). $27ppd

Jim Denley "Your Breath On My Lips" CD - This CD is mixed from two previous recordings of installations Denley was involved in, including recordings of 100 snails and a 'balloonsax'. The result is an organic piece wrought with tension. $10ppd

Radio Ca Ca cassette - Collage of what sounds like radio signals and programmes. Label promo: 'Like something you’d pick up in a dodgy porn shop or hopefully find one day in a vinnies bin and it blows your mind. Exactly as the name suggests, you’ll be skipping through the radio channels of absolute blissed out synth, wandering back to days of primitive ruckus, and trekking through the streets of Mexico to Thailand, only to return to some odd homely conversation. All recorded direct to dictaphone and all out of wack' - $7ppd

Last week for sale items:
Hit to pick up what sale items remain. CDs from $5ppd, only one copy left of most titles.

Clinton Green live at Make It Up Club:

I will be performing solo with acoustic turntables and percussion:
Caroyln Connors/Judith Hamann/Sean Baxter
Clinton Green
Mitchell Brennan/Stephan Richards
Tuesday 1st May, 9pm
Make It Up Club, Bar Open (upstairs), 317 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

Shame File Music – specialising in Australian experimental

Thursday, 19 April 2012


Sonic displacement. Grim. Noise. Dust. Like being in a Russian field, seeing nothing but power lines, and you can't stop thinking about grandpa. Space. 

Umbilical Tentacle


Ghost Gums


*Upstairs, Gasometer Hotel. 

Bleeemo Music

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Odious Pegboard #3 - Tape Projects - 22 Apr 2012

APRIL 22th 2012 brings the third instalment of ODIOUS PEGBOARD, a series of fortnightly Sunday afternoon free sound gigs at Tape Projects. These shows drawn upon some of the most reclusive of Melbourne based sound makers. Most of those involved play very rarely, some leaving their bedrooms only to feed their cats or to collect more rubbish from the streets. Here is you chance to hear them make some sounds for your listening pleasure!

ODIOUS PEGBOARD #3 - Xtroq (Darebin Distortion, Object manipulation and RF processing) + Moffarfarrah (Voice & tape upholstery for your mental furniture) + Egarim (River streaming through echoing mountain forests of beaming light) + Barbara Schröder (Commonly known as the spiny puffball)

Much trading happened at the end of the last one, so if you've got records, tapes and stuff to sell or trade, bring them down!!!
Entry is FREE - starts 4pm ends 7pm - Tape Projects 1/81 Bouverie St. Carlton Vic.

Future and Final instalments of Odious Pegboard: Sunday May 6th Jessie Scott+Alice Hui-Sheng Chang - tarab - Tim Catlin - Simon Whetham

(forwarded from Hard Listening)

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Metropolis New Music Festval: 27 Apr - 5 May 2012

The Metropolis New Music Festival 2012 (featuring Steve Reich as composer in residence) features a number of events that may be of interest to readers of this blog, including:

Saturday 28 April at 5pm
South Lawn, Melbourne University, Parkville
eighth blackbird
Members of the MSO
Speak Percussion and Members of the Speak Percussion Emerging Artist Program
John Luther Adams Inuksuit for 9-99 percussionists
(free admission)

Mon 30 April at 6pm
Melbourne Recital Centre Salon
Judith Hamann cello
James Rushford piano
Feldman Patterns In A Chromatic Field

Monday 30 April at 8pm
Elisabeth Murdoch Hall
Steve Reich
eighth blackbird
Members of the MSO
Eugene Ughetti
Speak Percussion
Reich Clapping Music
Reich Vermont Counterpoint
Reich Different Trains
Reich Drumming – Part One

Fri 4 May at 6pm
Melbourne Recital Centre Salon
Ensemble Offspring
Music by Glass, Reich, John Luther Adams, Thierry de May and others exploring unconventional ways to make music with iPods, multitracked recordings, table-tops and blindfolded percussionists.

Sat 5 May at 5pm
Melbourne Recital Centre Foyer
Cage Musicircus
(free admission)

Saturday 5 May at 8pm
Elisabeth Murdoch Hall
eighth blackbird
Sullivan Vidova Gora - Svitanje
Adams Dark Waves
Reich Music for 18 Musicians

SONIC DECADENCE: celebrating 10 years of undue noises in central victoria

Old Fire Station, View St Bendigo

Sat 28th April 2 & 8pm
Sun 29th April 2 & 8 pm
Admission $5 per session

Since April 2002, undue noise has presented almost 70 concerts of experimental music in Bendigo & Castlemaine, featuring central victorian, melbourne, interstate and international artists. This year we celebrate our 10th birthday with a 2 day festival in Bendigo called SONIC DECADENCE: celebrating 10 years of undue noises in central victoria. It will feature 24 acts covering many styles of experimental music & free improv. including the appearance of 3 acts that appeared on the very first Undue Noise in April 2002. For more info contact or 0421786595 (jacques)

(probable playing order)

Sat 28th April afternoon (2pm)
Dean Stanton
Mike Conolan
Atmos Ensemble

Sat 28th April evening (8pm)
Kristian Roberts
VICMOD Ensemble
The Runny Tadpole
Soft Black Stars

Sun 29th April afternoon (2pm)
JJ Bull
Admin Bldg
Tim Catlin
OaXface Distortion

Sun 29th April evening (8pm)
Wun Thong
Dr. Aardvarks Table O Gadgets (aka Warren Burt)
Jacques Soddell
Astrid Notarangelo
Rosalind Hall & David Brown

artist bios

more info, updates and web links can be found at

.commies “ “

Admin Bldg are a sax and drums duo comprising members of Paul Kidney Experience and The Donkeys Tail. They have played five shows of faux-jazz, free-bop, post-blues, random-afro, breakdown-drone-out-electroloop-sax…

Atmos Ensemble. Castlemaine based free improv

Astrid Notarangelo piano & voice improv

JJ Bull. Justin Bull’s freely improvised guitar with roots in Improv/Free Jazz (and more) has been a regular feature at undue noise since day 1 in various collaborations like soft black stars, planet caravan, neon mars guitars and brakhage, as well as soloing as misty ra.

Tim Catlin Melbourne based guitarist and sound artist whose practice centres around drone-based, immersive works. His collaborations include Otomo Yoshihide, Phill Niblock, Jason Kahn, Mike Cooper, David Brown, Philip Samartzis, Rod Cooper and many others.

Mike Conolan Melbourne based minimalist sounds for cello and processing

Cray abstract laptop & electronic sounds from Ross Healy, co-founder of the VICMOD label which features Australian and International experimental music.

Dr. Aardvarks Table O Gadgets Warren Burt’s music toys include netbook, Android Pad, Kaoss pads, iPhone, Android Phone, and his little hardware board instruments

Forcefedsmile is the sporadic sound art of vocalist Tim Townsend. Consisting of stolen loops, field recordings, moans and groans and improvised vocal’s

Fracture are a improvisation/sound manipulation group with members from both Bendigo and Melbourne. Concepts of progression, time and melody are set aside in favour of textural and timbral manipulation,

Rosalind Hall and David Brown revisit their highly acclaimed prepared saxophone and prepared guitar duo. Magic with a difference.

Monolith Melbourne based group creating walls of industrial space drone occasionally utilising beats and vocal cut ups.

Muttboy has recently arrived in Castlemaine from Byron Bay. He will be performing music from the upcoming CD release “Wave Generations (Dog Is Life)” out on the Sound Crucible label, as well as totally new pulsing electronic improvisations.

OaXface Distortion Members of OaX and Blankface Distortion team up for a noise/drone jam.

Primidian is 3 Future primitives banging pots and bending circuits. A truly improvised experimental project, zero rehearsal ensures a genuine exploration into unknown sonic territories. Moments of complete cohesion and unity, punctuated with the awkwardness of the search,

Kristian M. Roberts is a composer who uses field recordings and found sound. He has written, exhibited and performed pieces for dance, multi-channel installations, and a number of film and video art scores.

Rotteur. A dark ambient project evoking freezing, desolate soundscapes, haunted by echoes of dying machinery and corrosive bursts of noise. Now Melbourne-based Darcy Long performed at the very first undue noise as

The Runny Tadpole new Bendigo experimental 3 piece improv group with Theramin, Kaossilator, home made instruments, drums & effects

Jacques Soddell produces electro-acoustic music by manipulating field recordings to create new textures.

Soft Black Stars Free improv group from Bendigo appeared at the very first undue noise. A special reunion for this special occasion.

Dean Stanton surrounds himself with home-made electronic instruments and circuit bent toy collections, the familiar gets minced in the Absurdifier.

VICMOD Ensemble VICMOD is a group of modular synth enthusiasts that meets monthly in Melbourne Tonight you’ll hear their ensemble,

Wun Thong (aka Carolyn Teo) is a poet and accomplished BS artist from Sydney who creates experimental music in the genre of Tropical Western Swing. Using elements of chance and improvisation, Wun Thong hypnotizes his audience with his visual aesthetic, mystical balls and exotic bird calls.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Tuesday April 17th @ the Make It Up Club

This week, Carolyn and Judy are joined by Evelyn Morris (the powerhouse drummer behind True Radical Miracle, whose collaboration with Golden Fur was one of the highlights of Overground at the 2010 Melbourne International Jazz Festival). Also, a new duo comprising Joe Talia and Mat Watson, both of whom transgress the experimental spectrum of indie rock (with the likes of Wire Walker and Other Places, respectively), and the outer limits of analogue electronics in various innovative collaborations. And recent Melbourne émigré, Matt Chaumont is joined visual and sound artist, Saana Inari, who is out in Australia from Berlin for a brief stay.
 Please Note: The final program for the Connors/Hamann residency has been moved to Tuesday, May 1st. So there is no MIUC on Tuesday, April 24th due to the Anzac Day public holiday.

Carolyn Connors (voice) and Judith Hamann (cello) with Evelyn Morris (drumkit)
Mat Watson (aks synthi) and Joe Talia (revox)
Matt Chaumont (sine waves) and Saana Inari (Finland/Berlin) (voice)

The Make It Up Club
Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
Doors at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm start

Coming up:
01/05: Carolyn Connors and Judith Hamann with Sean Baxter; Clinton Green; Stephen Richards and Mitchel Brennan.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Crude/Aesthetics release/performances

Matt Middleton has completed 'Crude Australian Volume 2', using simple recording techniques and solipsistic production values. Enjoy these works at your discretion.

Crude Australian : volume II

Middletons noise-rock outfit The Aesthetics has formed its Melbourne chapter with the arrival of bass player/electronics/mixed-media guru Edie Stevens (Rockshop,Eves,None Gallery) . Joining the salacious trio on drums and percussion is obscurantist Lynton Denovan (the Satanic Rockers, Rockshop, Spiderturkey). The combo will perform the for the first time in support of French band Kikillimikilii. Joining them will be Melbourne wild-children Bum Creek, Schoolgirl Report and Echo Courts. The show commences Friday May 4th at 7pm at Tape Projects, 1/81 Bouverie Street, Carlton. Look out for an official press release soon.

Melbourne - a truly romantic city.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Saturday April 14th

 Saturday 14th April
$10 - Doors at 7PM
KIPL - 136 Roden St. North Melbourne

11:00 - Valerio Tricoli (berlin) / Sean Baxter
10:15 - Werner Dafeldecker (berlin)
09:30 - Snawklor
08:45 - Chronox
08:00 - VDO
07:15-  Dry Mouth

Valerio Tricoli (Berlin) / Sean Baxter duo

... Re-united duo wherein Baxter's percussive clatter is pitted against the concrete revox manipulations of Valerio Tricoli (3/4 Had Been Eliminated).

Werner Dafeldecker (Berlin)

Over the years, Dafeldecker has played contrabass in a number of guises, most notably in the excellent Autistic Daughters (Kranky records) as well as in collaboration with such notables as Kevin Drumm, Chris Abrahams, Jim O' Rourke and Christian Fennesz amongst numerous others.


Long-serving Melbourne collective who continue to challenge the limits of sound w/ synths, drums, whatever else can be used to make ecstatic noise.


Rare appearance from Melbourne via Newcastle via cosmos duo dealing in patient synth-manifestation.


Post-youtube synth sample apparations thru cassette player(s).

Dry Mouth

Low-brow synth / tape n' rec loop / noise. As indebted to Rodney Rude as Pierre Henry, wooo.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Tuesday April 10th @ the Make It Up Club

In the second week of their residency, Judith Hamann and Carolyn Connors are joined by avant garde classical percussionist, Matthias Schack-Arnott: combining the rhythmic and textural abstraction of Modernist composition with extended instrumental technique through the filter of rarefied improv. Also, a new duo featuring featuring adventurous jazz luminaries, Peter Knight and Andrew Brooks, exploring analogue and digital processing with acoustical voices. And from Perth, dynamic electronics improviser, Chris de Groot in his first Melbourne performance. 

Carolyn Connors (voice) and Judith Hamann (cello) with Matthias Schack-Arnott (percussion)
Andrew Brooks (saxophone, electronics and objects) and Peter Knight (trumpet, laptop electronics)
Christopher de Groot (Perth) (modular synthesizer and turntables)

The Make It Up Club
Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
Doors at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm start

Coming up:
17/04: Carolyn Connors and Judith Hamann with Evelyn Morris; Mat Watson and Joe Talia.
24:04: Carolyn Connors and Judith Hamann with Sean Baxter; Clinton Green; Stephen Richards and Mitchel Brennan.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Melbourne Patching Circle - 5 Apr 2012

There is a new electronic arts community meet-up, and you’re invited to the first one ever!

Media Lab Melbourne is proud to host the Melbourne Patching Circle.

This is a regular meeting for musicians, artists, and those who are ‘just plain curious’ to have a place to share/teach/learn about current projects of varying sources.

People from all backgrounds and levels of experience are welcome.

Everyone is encouraged to bring whatever current media projects you may be working on, or just simply show up and see what the Melbourne community is getting up to.

Video editors, Musicians, Graphic designers, circuit builders, general hackers, or just people that are curious are all equally encouraged.

There will be an emphasis on Open Source tools for artists and musicians, and creative programming environments such as Pure Data, Max/MSP, Processing, OpenFrameworks, VVVV, and so on. Electronic hardware, sensors and micro-controllers will also feature.

This is an open community and there are really no restrictions on what content you bring as long as it is some kind of electronic art.

It will be a good idea to bring your laptop, and invite your friends along. Patching Circle meet-ups are going to be weekly, join the Melbourne Patching Circle Community list at

Here’s the facebook event:

Event details:
Thursday April 5th
7pm – 11pm
136A Cromwell Street, Collingwood

(forwarded from Richie Cyngler)

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

undue noise 2002-2012

to celebrate our 10th birthday, we’ve compiled a list of all the undue noise events in central victoria in our first 10 years (april 2002 – march 2012). we’ve listed over 70 concerts & installations in 10 years. artists from bendigo, castlemaine, kyneton, daylesford, harcourt, maldon, trentham, wedderburn & maryborough as well as visitors from melbourne, sydney, brisbane and overseas.
check it out here.

And our 10th birthday weekend SONIC DECADENCE, featuring 24 local and imported acts, is on in Bendigo on Sat 28th and Sun 29th April. More details soon.

Odious Pegboard #2 - Tape Projects - 8 Apr 2012

APRIL 8th 2012 brings the second instalment of ODIOUS PEGBOARD, a series of fortnightly Sunday afternoon free sound gigs at Tape Projects. This fortnight by pure coincidence draws a tenuous Newcastle connection, featuring both present and ex-residents of that city, along side people who may have never been there at all! - These shows drawn upon some of the most reclusive of Melbourne based sound makers. Most of those involved play very rarely, some leaving their bedrooms only to feed their cats or to collect more rubbish from the streets. Here is you chance to hear them make some sounds for your listening pleasure!

ODIOUS PEGBOARD #2 APRIL 8th features CHRONOX (evolving hypnotic playful layered environments)
ORINOKOFLO (Swampy electronic dance tunes. Synths, tapes & bent beats - this is the first outing for new project featuring Ex/current members of Castings, Sunset Flips & Radio Ca Ca) - OPB MESS HALL (collective house hold rubbish)

Entry is FREE - starts 4pm ends 7pm - Tape Projects 1/81 Bouverie St. Carlton Vic.

Future instalments of Odious Pegboard: Sunday April 22nd Xrtoq - Moffarfarrah - Barbara Schröder - Dan Lucka Sunday May 6th Jessie Scott+Alice Hui-Sheng Chang - tarab - Tim Catlin - Simon Whetham

(forwarded from hardlistening)

New Low - Goodtime Studios - 3 Apr 2012

New Low, Goodtime Studios, Basement 746 Swanston St Carlton VIC 3053. Enter via Lynch Lane. Runs from 12 – 6pm Wednesday 4th to Friday 6th April 2012 or by appointment, call 0415152067.

The patterns in our environment are ideal digital information carriers…the flowered wallpaper, the humming of the air-conditioning, the fish in the aquarium, a shadow on the wall…our environment is made up of objects, but it could consist of information. INFORMATION DECORATION explores the potential of integrating digital information into our environment through a media-based installation replicating some familiar actual/virtual scenarios. The installation is a continuation of work based on web platform in the Netherlands in 2011 and aims to sustain a dialogue around interactive technology and how we engage with digital information.

Rohan Whiteley is fascinated by empathetic products and their effect on social structures. His studies in industrial design has led him to explore shifting trends in product culture and technology and to create meaningful responses to these trends. His work investigates the potential relationships between product and user / consumer.
Artist’s Website:

NEW LOW ON THE SIDE: Sound performances by


Launching a new project yet to be named, guitar scene stars Jack Mannix (Circle Pit) and Ben Hepworth (Repairs) will be bringing a sonic surprise to the table, with Dyana Gray guest appearing. Who knows what will happen, but surely only good can come of this.


Miles Brown (Night Terrors) and Mat Watson (Other Places) sound like they might be scientists. They have lots of pieces of cosmic analog equipment that they like to plug into each other in the name of science. Perhaps they will discover the meaning of life…or something that sounds all trippy and awesome.


(forwarded from Tara Cook)