Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Noise Flash - Melbourne Museum Forecourt - 1 Sept 2013

Date: Sunday 1 September 2013 Time: 2:00pm – 3:00pm
Noise Flash is a silent experimental audio performance, whereby the audio is performed live and broadcast via short wave FM radio transmitters. Performing artists will be using acoustically silent devices. In order to hear the performance, audience members are required to bring their own FM radio and headphones, and tune into the broadcast frequency (108.0 FM).
When close to a performer, an audience member will hear only that performer. When between performers, the signal fades and interacts with other signals in the space. This can cause interesting mixes of audio, static, and distortion. It also puts the audience member directly in control of how they hear the performance. Their physical journey through the space ultimately dictates their interpretation of the audio performance.
The experimental audio performers will be positioned throughout the forecourt of the Melbourne Museum in the Carlton Gardens (underneath the giant roof at the entrance to the museum). Noise Flash is curated by Todd Anderson-Kunert, and this performance is presented as a part of the Liquid Architecture Festival.
For further information please email
(forwarded from Todd Anderson-Kunert)

Closer "White Heat"



Each melodic euphoric drone
was crafted by Closer July 2013

Closer’s first output is described by the Melbourne based artist as some sort of sort of
loud and ugly twin brother to his forthcoming LP ‘In Search of Life’. The full length’s introspective neo-classically twinged sounds are here replaced by raucous slow churning melodies that resonate and scream, as if through a broken loudspeaker in outer space.

The listener can hear ‘Why Are We Not Perfect?’ era Jesu permeating this release. But then it will also ring strangely familiar with listeners of Belong, Lights Out Asia and even the sounds of A Winged Victory For The Sullen are hinted at here, giving the listener just a tiny bit of even ground to step from into Closer’s next output. White Heat at first may seem challenging, but once immersed in its rumbling cacophony the reward is given as an emotive euphoria, rooted to something that resonates on a deep level with the human condition.

Closer, known to some as Liam Daly, also plays reverb and delay drenched singer songwriter material under his own name, ala Grouper. He was also a founding member of cult Melbourne post rock outfit These Hands (Could Separate The Sky), who dispersed in 2012.

White Heat is available now for digital download on Bandcamp.
In Search of Life is due for release late 2013
(forwarded from Liam Daly)

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

OpenLAB September @ 1000 £ Bend!

OpenLAB is getting busy in September.

SEPTEMBER monthly meetup will be a sound and music focused OpenLAB, on the second Sunday of September (8th September) at a new venue, 1000 pound bend (upstairs cinema of 361 Little Lonsdale St, CBD)

2pm SUNDAY 8th SPTEMBER, FREE---->>>Open LABs will explore the wonderful world of creative electronics and programming. It is a space where artists, musicians, engineers, performers, and designers can come together and share their work and creative passions.

Each Open LAB hosts talks from fellow guests that seek to share their work with the group, and then progress into an all out free-form open discussion or hands on tinkering space where guests can present a finished, or unfinished, work, seek collaborations, seek peer review, or make a call out to the community to help troubleshoot a problem they are having.


NAT GRANT is a multi-instrumantalist, sound artist, composer and teacher. She works predominantly as a freelance artist and has been employed as a composer and performer in the fields of puppetry, theatre, film, animation and dance.
Nat is currently completing a PhD in music composition at the Victorian College of the Arts (University of Melbourne), and performs regularly at venues around Melbourne.

LEWIS WATERS started out as the archetypal bedroom musician, armed with an electric guitar and a pile of CDs. After a few years wandering around Perth trying to find his place he was absorbed into the Avant-Freak band Mental Powers where he learnt how be angry and subversive and just generally punk-out. During this fruitful time Lewis also studied woodwork out in the forests of Dwellingup, immersing himself in the introverted world of Fine Furniture. He later spent 2 years working for the widely revered furniture maker Neil Erasmus. Since moving to Melbourne Lewis has turned his hand to musical instrument making in the form of a new business that strives to bring experimental instruments to a new audience. Lewis' talk will focus on this most recent venture and the work of other instrument makers and musicians who have inspired him.

Monday, 26 August 2013

More Talk, Less Action: The Sonic City - West Space - 31 Aug 2013

Haco perfroming "Tram Vibrations"“When Luigi Russolo recommended that we traverse a modern city with ‘our ears more alert than our eyes’ (1913) adhering to the complex sounds of the new technologies of the modern city, he introduced incidental noise into the lexicon of art. One hundred years on, the sound of the city remains a key preoccupation for contemporary artists from Haco and Toshiya Tsunoda’s Tram Vibrations project, amplifying inaudible sounds of urban transportation, to Francisco López’ celebration of cityscapes in Sonopolis. These artworks not only capture and represent the sonic signifiers of city spaces they also create new imaginings and experiences of familiar urban sites.” – from Sonic City Essay (Liquid Architecture curatorial essay)
The Sonic City: activating the city through incursion.
(co-presented with Liquid Architecture)
Featuring: Haco, Darrin Verhagen, and Camilla Hannan.
Moderated by Philip Samartzis.
Saturday 31 August 2013 (1pm) – free entry (Book online)
Facebook event

More Talk, Less Action

Whistle-biter - Stewart St - 7 Sept 2013


The evening concert will include two duo performances, featuring the rarely heard Whistle-biter (Hermione Johnson/NZ on prepared piano and David Brown on prepared guitar) and Endean/Dunscombe - on two bass clarinets. The concert will take place at Aviva‘s home studio and will accommodate only the first 25 punters to book a spot. Bookings are essential and will work on a first come first serve basis, so please email Aviva or David to ensure a spot.

Where: 120 Stewart St Brunswick 

When: 8pm Saturday the 7th September

Cost: An entry fee of $20 will be payable on the night. Some wine will be provided but guests are welcome to BYO as well.


Whistle-biter, born of sunken regions separated by the Tasman, where lakes are the doors to cardboard and strings. Where small motors grow the tones of polished wood and cats dream under pianos. Our perorations like phantom wires rust at express pace, conjoined by white cloud, salt and the Southern green moon. Our stinking rivers and marshlands filter the singing of windblown felt-hammers while strained, creaking veneer over wood cracks in solitude.

Hermione Johnson: piano and prepared piano.

David Brown: guitar and prepared guitar.

(forwarded from Dave Brown)

DEER HEAD APPARITION curates MUSIKUNST - 4pm Saturday 31st August

This month MUSIKUNST welcomes the curatorship of the Deer Head Apparition team to the basement in a collective free-for-all in their typical fashion/tradition. Deer Head Apparition is a no core member, no exclusions music collective that meets periodically to fill a moment in time with their combined vision of sometimes noisy, sometimes psychedelic, always experimental musically sonic forces.

Performance time will run from 4 - 7 pm and entry is free this month in keeping with DHA tradition.

The GB Hotel Basement, 447 Church St, Richmond

Upcoming Tim Catlin shows

I have a plethora of performances this week -  The Liquid Architecture festival show will be especially large scale!

Hope to see you there..


Wednesday August 28, Upstairs at the Alderman, 134 Lygon St, Brunswick. 

8pm / $10

Alice Hui-Sheng Chang (Voice & a large bowl of water)
Kim Kerze (Banjo and preparations)
Tim Catlin (Vibrissa microtonal rods and acoustic guitars)

Festival of Slow Music

Saturday August 31, Mechanics Institute, Ballarat. 

1-3pm / Free

Performance by the Overtone Ensemble with special guest percussionist Vanessa Tomlinson 

An all acoustic festival. There is some great stuff on!  Worth a trip  from Melbourne, or if you are local.

Helium Clench (David Brown and Tim Catlin) will also be playing a acoustic guitar/bowed objects duo set on Sunday afternoon at The Known World Bookshop, Ballarat. Sunday September 1st 12.30pm. (Ticketed event)

Liquid Architecture - "Sonic City"

Monday September 2nd

Multipurpose room, RMIT Design Hub, Building 100, Cnr Victoria and Swanston streets, Carlton 3053

8pm / Free

The Overtone Ensemble with special guest Philip Brophy.  

The ensemble will perform using vibrissae microtonal rod instruments, massed handbells, (including a set of the Federation bells) and assorted percussion. 

In addition I'll be constructing a number of long wire string instruments specifically for this performance. These are 30 metres in length, attached to large resonating drums and are played by hand.

The multipurpose room is huge with long reverb times, and will be a fantastic venue for this special performance.

Did I mention it's free?  Don't miss this one..

Also performing on the night: Swarm and Murmuration by Atticus Bastow. Large group performance using tone generators and mobile phones.

(forwarded from Tim Catlin)

Friday, 23 August 2013

Tuesday August 27th @ the Make It Up Club

This week at MIUC we exhibit three gatherings of soundmakers focussed on a very direct approach to their instruments and performative styles, filtering their technical and cerebral prowess through the visceral nature of improvised music. A first-time grouping (that should have eventuated years ago) featuring three of Melbourne's most well-regarded Makers of It Up, vocalist Carolyn Connors, bassist Dave Tolley and trumpeter Scott Tinkler will pluck sonic potentials from the aether into blissful auditory existence. Joel Stern and Rod Cooper deal directly with their source of sound production, their musical implements, by devising handmade creations with subtleties and tonal possibilities simply not possible with standard instrumentation. And percussionist James McLean investigates the vertical and horizontal texturhythmic prospects of his drum kit with a variety of objects to strike and excite, applied to invoke vast columns and rows of transcendental aleatoric euphonies. 

Carolyn Connors (Voice), Dave Tolley (Double Bass) & Scott Tinkler (Trumpet)
Joel Stern & Rodney J Cooper (Inventions)
James McLean (Drums)

The Make It Up Club
Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
Doors at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm start

Coming Up:
03/09/2013: Golden Fur Trio; Robin Fox & Marco Fusinato; Frances Plagne
10/09/2013: Bonnie Mercer & Toby Matthews; Brian O'Dwyer, Gelareh Pour & Shiro Mu; Peter Hyde, Chris Nylstoch & Sean Baxter
17/09/2013: Sam Dunscombe; Warren Burt; Hammers Lake; Kynan Tan
24/09/2013: Miles Brown; Ceri Hann; Be Nice To Us

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Poetry in Motion - Bar 303 20-22 Sept 2013

Poetry in Motion – The Films of Maya Deren
8.00pm Friday 20 September
4.00pm Saturday 21 September
6.00pm Sunday 22 September
Bar 303, Northcote

Melbourne Fringe Festival presents Poetry in Motion – The Films of Maya Deren with live improvised score by the Eldritch Trio for three shows in September.

The Eldritch Trio will combine an array of acoustic instruments with electronics to create an immersive aural backdrop for some of cinemas most enduring avant-garde films. Traversing the sonic landscape from minimalism to noise music the Eldritch Trio produce sparkling sonic landscapes and poignant juxtapositions.

At Land [1944]
Ritual in Transfigured Time [1946]
Meshes of the Afternoon [1943]

Dreaming, reflection, rhythm, vision, ritual and identity are all compelling themes explored by American maverick filmmaker Maya Deren. Deren was one of the most important entrepreneurial promoters of the avant-garde in the 1940s and 50s

Maya Deren was a key figure in the development of the “New American Cinema”. Her influence extends to contemporary filmmakers like David Lynch, whose film Lost Highway [1997] pay homage to Deren’s Meshes of the Afternoon in his experimentation with narration.

An uncompromising artist, Deren’s films are haunting, lyrical and breathtaking fusions of human and cinematic movement, where the actors dance with the camera.

Tickets through Melbourne Fringe

The Eldritch Trio are:
Christopher de Groot – keyboards, bass flute & electronics
Callum Moncrieff – vibraphone & percussion
Tristen Parr – electric cello & effects 

(forwarded from Christopher de Groot)

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

E.S.S.I. - Library Artspace 7-21 Sept 2013


Exhibiton of Experimental Sounds, Sculptures and Installations. 

Curated by Lee-Ann Joy

Contributing Sound Artists:
Tara Cook, Rodney Cooper, Richie Cyngler, Michael Graeve, Lee-Ann Joy, Jordan Lacey, Larissa Linnell, Eliot Palmer, Rebecca Pohlner, Pierre Proske, and Vijay Thillaimuthu.
International: Bogdan Dullsky, Margriet Kicks-Ass, Justin Marc Lloyd, Neur(o)N, Sebastian Sighell, Leo Weinberger and
Zoy Winterstein.

Noise music and sound art are areas of music that are elusive to many; it is an area where people explore sounds outside general rules of composition and arrangement to create an unaccustomed, non traditional type of music.
Often these sounds are derived from the natural environment, created mechanically from electronics, found objects, or many sources other than what we are familiar with in terms of commonly known traditional instruments and the sounds they make.
Our sonic experiences often have a customary response to predictable sounds that we hear and provide an audible familiarity in which we articulate as music.

E.S.S.I. is to distort the audible familiarity and customary responses and adapt the sonic experience into an exhibition of sound that is non-customary and unfamiliar. It is to challenge all notions as to what we traditionally quantify as music and explore uncustomary sound as a legitimate form of art.

Opening Night 7th September 7-9pm

Exhibition 7-21 September 2013
Wednesday to Saturday 12-5 pm
(forwarded from Lee-Ann Joy)

Monday, 19 August 2013

Experimental Melbourne gig guide.

The latest installment of the Experimental Melbourne gig guide goes to air tonight on Far Side Virtual (PBS-FM). You can stream or download the gig guide here now:

Friday, 16 August 2013

Tuesday August 20th @ the Make It Up Club

This Tuesday at MIUC is another presentation of three potentially uncategorisable forays into the uncharted and unscripted reaches of the sonoverse. Two improv virtuosi with styles honed over many years at the forefront of Melbournian free music, Christopher Young and Tom Fryer, bring their fiery brand of free sound production to the Bar Open stage. Three adventurous and singular young trumpeters, namely G'Froerer, Williams & Lewis, explore the tonal gestalt of their brass vessels and the timbral possibilities thereof. And Shallow shall let loose audial hell, power electronics-powered invocations of pure sonic dystopia. 

Christopher Young (Reeds) & Tom Fryer (Guitar)
Callum G'Froerer (Trumpet), Tristram Williams (Trumpet) & Reuben Lewis (Trumpet)
Shallow aka John Stevens (Electronics)

The Make It Up Club
Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
Doors at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm start

Coming Up:
27/08/2013: Carolyn Connors, Dave Tolley & Scott Tinkler; Joel Stern & Rod Cooper; James McLean
03/09/2013: Golden Fur Trio; Robin Fox & Marco Fusinato; Frances Plagne
10/09/2013: Bonnie Mercer & Toby Matthews; Brian O'Dwyer, Gelareh Pour & Shiro Mu; Peter Hyde, Chris Nylstoch & Sean Baxter
17/09/2013: Sam Dunscombe; Warren Burt; Hammers Lake
24/09/2013: Miles Brown; Ceri Hann; Be Nice To Us

More Talk, Less Action - West Space - 22 Aug 2013

Why Noise? the aesthetics of noise and ‘wrong’ sound

Ancient life was all silence. In the nineteenth century, with the invention of the machine, Noise was born. Today, Noise triumphs and reigns supreme over the sensibility of men.” – Luigi Russolo, Art of Noises (1913)

Westspace presents the inaugural installment of More Talk, Less Action:

Why Noise?: the aesthetics of noise and ‘wrong’ sound – Thursday 22 August 2013, 7:30pm (Facebook event).

The use of noise as music is the subconscious soundtrack of the Modernist age. From Futurism to atonality, from musique concrete to noise music, the burgeoning contemporary noise scene could be construed as the folk music of the twenty-first century. But if noise is defined as wrong or unwanted sound, can there be such a thing as ‘good’ noise music? With performances from two different spectrums of noise music by Mark Groves and The Donkey’s Tail, a panel of noise practitioners and theorists discuss this and other questions.

On the panel are:

John Nixon (variously described as one of Australia’s preeminent ‘high modernists’, visual artist, curator, publisher and ‘(anti-)musician’, Nixon is also leader of The Donkey’s Tail).

Linda Kouvaras (musicologist, composer, and author of new book Loading the Silence: Australian Sound Art in the Post-Digital Age)

Mark Groves (leading Melbourne noise artist and co-founder of the Sabbatical collective)

Moderated by More Talk, Less Action co-curator, Clinton Green.

More Talk, Less Action is a series of events incorporating both discussion and performances on specific themes of relevance to contemporary practice of experimental music, noise and sound art.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

VICMOD Records special on Swinburne Radio tonight 8pm Thu 15 Aug

Swinburne Radio are doing a special on Vicmod Records tonight at 8pm.
Expect to hear avant electronics from the likes of Warren Burt, Richard Lainhart, Cray and his many aliases, White Noise Carousel and many more local and international modular synth heads.

You can tune in here.


Avantwhatever Monthly - August 2013

Alice Hui-Sheng Chang (Voice & a large bowl of water)
Kim Kerze (Banjo and preparations)
Tim Catlin (Microtonal rods)

The Alderman
134 Lygon St

Wednesday August 28

Entry $10 | 8pm

Avantwhatever Monthly is held the last Wednesday of every month at The Alderman in Brunswick - join the Avantwhatever group on Facebook or go to and sign up to the mailing list to hear about upcoming releases and events.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Iceage Productions

ICE019: MONOLITH - Odessa/Paragon (download only - via bandcamp)

ICE020: MICHAEL TEE & PETER JAMES - Jaio/Slum (download only - via bandcamp)

ICE021: V.A. - ICEAGE PRODUCTIONS Sampler 1 (CD) ($5 +postage)

ICE022: MONOLITH - KIPL 110312 (download only - via bandcamp)

ICE023: PENTADRVG / KROMESHNA - Pentadrvg / Kromeshna (CD) ($15 +postage)

ICE024: SHANE FAHEY – Industrial Ecology (CD) ($5 +postage)

ICE025: V.A. - The Shape Of Sound Vol.3 (CD) ($12 +postage)

ICE026: SOLVENT CAGE - Atom (CD) ($5 +postage)

ICE029: MONOLITH – Empty Spaces/Control Room (download only - via bandcamp) 

ICE030: BROWNING MUMMERY - Epistle To The Zone Enders (download only - via bandcamp)



Liquid Architecture 29 Aug-14 Sept 2013


What: Liquid Architecture Festival of Sound Arts presents an annual festival program dedicated to sound art. Launching 29 August with events through to 14 September in Melbourne with a national touring program.

In 2013 Liquid Architecture is proud to present Sonic City, a thematic festival program aiming more than ever to entice new audiences to engage with sonic and experimental arts.  With a focus on commissioned new works, Sonic City presents performances, installations, screenings, exhibitions and artist talks, and brings together some of the globe’s most exciting artists in this field. We invite audiences to traverse the city blocks and rediscover their urban architecture through the lens of artistic creation.

Launch: The Festival Launch event will be held on Thursday 29 August, 6:00pm – 9:00pm and will comprise the exhibition opening of the Sonic City, at West Space Gallery, Level 1, 225 Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC 3000.

Concept: Curated by Dr Kristen Sharp and Dr Philip Samartzis Sonic City creates new encounters with urban sites through contemporary artworks that respond to the acoustic and physical environments of the city. When Luigi Russolo recommended that we traverse a modern city with “our ears more alert than our eyes” in 1913, he introduced incidental noise into the lexicon of art. One hundred years on, the sound of the city remains a key preoccupation for contemporary artists. Developments in the built environment, social structures and everyday technologies of transport and communication provide dynamic sites for artists to explore different acoustic and visual perspectives.

The Sonic City program presents new and commissioned works from established and emerging artists and groups from Australia and Japan. Sonic City is designed to challenge perspectives of Melbourne within the prism of rapidly transforming urbanism and propositions artists to re-imagine Tokyo and Melbourne and activate a dialogue between them. Major international presentations include HACO and Toshiya Tsunoda's Tram Vibrations project, amplifying inaudible sounds of urban transportation, and the acclaimed Francisco Lopez's celebration of cityscapes in Sonopolis.

2013 Artists from Australia include: Jeremy Bakker, Atticus Bastow, Philip Brophy, Nigel Brown, Camilla Hannan, Eamon Sprod, Catherine Clover, Rod Cooper, Madelynne Cornish, Sarah Edwards, Jordan Lacey, Noise Flash, Overtone Ensemble, Eliot Palmer, Garth Sheridan, Michael Pulsford, Philip Matthew Sleeth, Speak Percussion and Darrin Verhagen. International Presentations include: Barbara Ellison (Ireland), Pierre Henry (France), Haco (Japan),  Francisco Lopez (Spain), Eva-Maria Raab (Austria), Toshiya Tsunoda (Japan), Ami Yamasaki (Japan) and Kent Macpherson and Luke McConnell (New Zealand).

Full program and artist biographies:
(forwarded from Bianca Durant)

Monday, 12 August 2013

Citizens' Committee For Moral Hygiene
(collaboration with James Smith, approx. 2001/2).

A day of experimental sounds in Castlemaine

Punctum Presents Undue Noise
ICU @ 1 Halford St Castlemaine
Sat 17th August at 2pm and 8pm

Undue Noise and Punctum are holding a day of experimental music of many colours (free jazz, improv, beats, computer music, synths, noise & more), featuring mainly Central Victorian musicians:
Probable order of playing TBC

Evening 8pm
Klare Lanson / Scott Sanders / Neil Boyack (Castlemaine/Newstead, words/sounds); Tim Nohe (Baltimore, USA, regular visitor to central vic finally gets a chance to play), (laptop); Muttboy (Castlemaine based textures / noise / beats); Jacques Soddell (laptop) / Ross Healey (modular synth) / Paul Fletcher (SoundSink) (Bendigo/Kyneton); Kris Wanders Quartet (Kris, now resident in Maryborough) is one of the originals from the early European free jazz scene) - with Dave Brown (bass) Jude Russell (keyboard) and Matt Arrowsmith (drums)

Afternoon 2pm
Jake Saxon (Castlemaine based Jake Martin debut performance; Damian Mason (Castlemaine, synths; Fracture (Steve Marton (sax) / Vincent Giles (laptop+) (Bendigo/Melbourne); Jude Russell (keyboard) / Muttboy (prepared guitar) / Jacques Soddell (lapotop) (Castlemaine/Bendigo; Cray (Kyneton based electronics (modular synth/laptop). Ross Healey also runs Vicmod Records; minoR1000 (Matt Hall was one of the founders of the Weird Music Society in Bendigo in the late 1990s. He’s back in Central Vic. Ending the night with some bass heavy stuff)

More artist info at

Friday, 9 August 2013

Illuminoscillate - Uniform Wall

An auditory exploration spanning the experience of the silent heartbeat to the raucous onslaught of the modern world.

It is a Lovecraftian delve into mad, subterranean depths, yet paradoxically also a trip through the reaches of the cosmos to where the creators (and destroyers) of worlds may dwell. The experience of Illuminoscillate's record is mature, and intellectual. It is cold, foreboding, and ominous, fecund with the sheer power and majesty of
the pulsing, thrumming universe. Uniform Wall is a multivariate synthesis of sound constructing a new dark ambient landscape from the influences of nature, power electronics, field recording, and more.

From the meditative drone of City Loop to the agitation of Late November, Illuminoscillate relentlessly challenges the mind and forces one to look up to the skies in search of understanding.

Secrets of Giza is proud to unveil the latest sonic pastiche from Australian prodigy Illuminoscillate. “Uniform Wall” by Illuminoscillate is available online worldwide via Secrets of Giza as a 6 panel digipack, digital only releases available via iTunes and Googleplay.

(forwarded from M.Casey)

Episode 14 of The Antidote Podcast

 Sorry for the break in transmission peeps, but life gets in the way sometimes. This episode we talk about another Kevin Drumm reissue for 2013 called Purge which David says is his favourite wall-of-noise record of all time!! Plus, the not-so-new release from England’s the Hacker Farm which somehow leads us into reminiscing about the Smashing Pumpkins (WTF?). We take a listen to some local experimental music for the first time on The Antidote, shame on us, when we chat about the third volume in Iceage Productions’ The Shape of Noise compilation.

As always, listen to episode 14 here or subscribe over at iTunes.

Write to us at theantidotepodcast at gmail dot com

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Tuesday August 13th @ the Make It Up Club

This week at MIUC we present seven uncompromisingly adventurous Gen Y creators engaging with the improvisatory arts, and though it may be tempting to refer to them as emerging to do so would undermine their already vast achievements and make the author to appear to not be paying attention. Three of the brightest young Australian improvisers, Sam Dunscombe,Aviva Endean and Vilan Mai present some spontaneous music based on material for Sam's Tokyo Duo/Trio for 2/3 clarinets, in a much-welcome return to terra australis for Dunscombe. In the 46,656,000 or so seconds since NoFukwitz played their Melbourne debut at MIUC they gained a member, learned how to spell fuckwit and decided their bandname looks better in caps…Volcanic Tongue reckons they'd make Moondog wince - 'nuff said. And Simon Charles makes his first saxophonic foray into the digital world, hybridising the palpable vulnerability of his woodwind instrument with the unassailable transmutative powers of Max MSP. 

Sam Dunscombe (Clarinet), Aviva Endean (Clarinet) & Vilan Mai (Clarinet)
NO FUCKWIT feat. Daniel Jenätsch, Alex Cuffe & Jule Vincent (Invented Folk Instruments, Industrial Detritus & Drums)
Simon Charles (Saxophone & Laptop)

The Make It Up Club
Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
Doors at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm start

Coming Up:
20/08/2013: Christopher Young & Tom Fryer; Callum G'Froerer, Tristram Williams & Reuben Lewis; Shallow
27/08/2013: Carolyn Connors, Dave Tolley & Scott Tinkler; Joel Stern & Rod Cooper; James McLean
03/09/2013: Golden Fur Trio; Robin Fox & Marco Fusinato; Frances Plagne
10/09/2013: Bonnie Mercer & Toby Matthews; Brian O'Dwyer, Gelareh Pour & Shiro Mu; Pete Hyde, Christopher Nylstoch and Sean Baxter.
17/09/2013: Sam Dunscombe; Warren Burt
24/09/2013: Miles Brown; Ceri Hann

Monday, 5 August 2013



Black hol(e)istic incarnations of tape machine witchcraft

Bison Grass is the metaphysical vehicle for local mystic, improviser and astral traveler Aaron Wallace. Amateur harmonic chanting and steel strings nourished by a deep love and respect for Eastern blues hybrids and American minimalist Raga worship.

One of a very small collective of artists shaking things up in the bubble era city of Miyazaki, Kuniya Hideki's solo and collaborative work is finally starting to turn heads. Having recently shared the stage with underground folk legend Kan Mikami as well as putting out a bunch of quality self produced releases, it's fair to say this young man from the deep south is on a roll. His current live set involves a series of reinterpreted Japanese folk tunes liberally dosed with reverb and a romanticism for the Nippon that once was. His first international show is one that is not to be missed!

Man vs. Electricity vs. Speakers vs. Microphones vs. Feedback vs. Feedback vs. Feedback vs. Feedback vs. Feedback vs. Feedback vs. Universe

Emma Albury (Eko Eko Azarak/Yolk Yolk/ex-Leopard Leg), Sharryn Koppens (Dick Threats) and Fjorn Butler (Oranj Punjabi/N3 Warriors) are Gurner. This trio’s dense washes of looping rhythm are assembled from an amalgamation of digital and analogue electronics. A singular language of shared fixations, plundered fragments and individual input emerges during live performances.


Doors/Food from 6:00PM
$5 Entry

539 Plenty Road. Preston

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Tuesday August 6th @ the Make It Up Club

For this edition of MIUC we are lucky enough to play host to yet another aleatoric jetsetter/international improviser and further attest to the global village fostered by experimental music and those who engage therewith, both here and abroad. Juan Parra is a Chilean inhabiting and researching in the Netherlands, who will play two American inventions, at one point with two Australians, for the enjoyment and enrichment of a collection of residents of the Sonoverse. His first set will be geared towards his PhD work at Leiden University and the Orpheus Institute, focussing on performance practice in Computer Music, whereas the second set will see him musically conversing with Dave Brown and Clinton Green as an indeterminate exploration of the tonal possibilities of the guitar trio. Baba Ganilia is Angus Leslie and Louis King, the two manic six-string-slingers of Sex On Toast infamy, and they will go 2 skool to make muni $$ and generally confuse in their guitar abuse-ridden Make It Up debut. And Samaan Fieck manipulates polyester film with metallic coating, repurposing the low cost medium of audio tape into priceless/valueless sonic artistry diffused with nuance and complex solidities.

Juan Parra (Guitar), Dave Brown (Guitar) & Clinton Green (Guitar)
Juan Parra (Electronics)
Baba Ganilia feat. Angus Leslie (Guitar) & Louis King (Guitar)
Samaan Fieck (Tapes & Tapes)

The Make It Up Club
Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
Doors at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm start

Coming Up:
13/08/2013: Sam Dunscombe, Aviva Endean & Vilan Mai; NO FUCKWIT; Simon Charles
20/08/2013: Christopher Young & Tom Fryer; Callum G'Froerer, Tristram Williams & Reuben Lewis; Shallow
27/08/2013: Carolyn Connors, Dave Tolley & Scott Tinkler; Joel Stern & Rod Cooper; James McLean