A day of experimental sounds in Castlemaine

Punctum Presents Undue Noise
ICU @ 1 Halford St Castlemaine
Sat 17th August at 2pm and 8pm

Undue Noise and Punctum are holding a day of experimental music of many colours (free jazz, improv, beats, computer music, synths, noise & more), featuring mainly Central Victorian musicians:
Probable order of playing TBC

Evening 8pm
Klare Lanson / Scott Sanders / Neil Boyack (Castlemaine/Newstead, words/sounds); Tim Nohe (Baltimore, USA, regular visitor to central vic finally gets a chance to play), (laptop); Muttboy (Castlemaine based textures / noise / beats); Jacques Soddell (laptop) / Ross Healey (modular synth) / Paul Fletcher (SoundSink) (Bendigo/Kyneton); Kris Wanders Quartet (Kris, now resident in Maryborough) is one of the originals from the early European free jazz scene) - with Dave Brown (bass) Jude Russell (keyboard) and Matt Arrowsmith (drums)

Afternoon 2pm
Jake Saxon (Castlemaine based Jake Martin debut performance; Damian Mason (Castlemaine, synths; Fracture (Steve Marton (sax) / Vincent Giles (laptop+) (Bendigo/Melbourne); Jude Russell (keyboard) / Muttboy (prepared guitar) / Jacques Soddell (lapotop) (Castlemaine/Bendigo; Cray (Kyneton based electronics (modular synth/laptop). Ross Healey also runs Vicmod Records; minoR1000 (Matt Hall was one of the founders of the Weird Music Society in Bendigo in the late 1990s. He’s back in Central Vic. Ending the night with some bass heavy stuff)

More artist info at http://undue.cajid.com/blog/?p=495