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New on Shame File Music mailorder + associated gigs/events

New items on Shame File Mailorder

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Surface Noise is a new series of limited edition (50 copies), hand-numbered CDRs documenting live performances of experimental and noise artists. Each volume features live performances from two different artists; the first initially invited by the curators, and the second then chosen by the first artist. Co-released by Melbourne labels Iceage Productions and Shame File Music, the series will consist of ten volumes.

cleaninglady/Klunk - Surface Noise vol. 1 CDR The Surface Noise series kicks off with a Melbourne double, featuring the modular synthesis noise of cleaninglady and a subterranean performance of unique handmade instruments and electronics from Rod Cooper’s Klunk.

Kate Carr "Overhead in Doi Saket" SD Card Hand-numbered SDHC card contains audio in wave, printed mini booklet in PDF and many more extra photos from Thailand. "For a collection of field recordings to be effective in its aims, we need a sense of casually listening in on a sonic landscape, rather than a feeling of naked voyeurism. Belfast-via-Australia sound artist Kate Carr has earned a reputation in recent years for opening doors into said realms, offering glimpses of rough-hewn terrain and glacial paradise alike. With this latest set of pieces, Carr has given us perhaps her most colorful, vivid and strikingly melodic work yet, a bursting world of sound stitched together in a fine-knit tapestry, woven out of recordings made on a trip to Thailand. Free of any trace of exotic fetishizing, this is true audio tourism raised to an immersive art form, moving from the hum of night creatures to the far-off whir of broadcasted music to birdsong to natural swells with the seams not hard to glimpse but absolutely invisible. There's an aura of a homecoming here — Carr does not sound like an outsider in this environment. Rather, it feels like she's always been here at the margins, haunting the corners, microphone aimed into space and water alike, capturing impressions of a shifting, ghostly panorama." - Zachary Corsa


Eugene Chadbourne "Viajando Hacia Adelante Y Hacia Atras En El Tiempo Con El Loco Doctor Chad: 30 Years Of Rarities" 2CD Loosely translated: 'Travelling forward and backward in time with the crazy Doctor Chad'. This incredible collection of Eugene Chadbourne rarities compiles 35 tracks over 30 years time and was put together by Andres Argil, an experimental guitarist from Mexico. What amazes me about this is that listening to this sprawling collection, I can see that Dr. Chad has had a vision, a crazed spirit of creativity which both embraces and pokes fun at any and all traditions in music from jazz to free to rock to country to psych to folk & blues & noise. The booklet includes liner notes by Dr. Chadbourne in English & Spanish explaining where & when each piece was recorded. Guest include John Zorn, Shockabilly, Violent femmes, red Clay Ramblers, Camper van Beethoven, Sun City Girls, ZU, Paul Lovens, Han Bennink, NoahJohn, Leonid Soybelman, Pat Thomas, Alex Ward, Jimmy Carl Black, David Moss, Jon Rose, Andrea Centazzo plus numerous solo guitar rarities unearthed for the first time. From the brilliant to the bizarre, this is indeed an overwhelming compilation of eccentricities from one of the distinctive guitarists to emerge from the early Downtown scene. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

Cat Hope "The End of Abe Sada"(paperback book) - This book traces composer and noise artist, Cat Hope's 'Abe Sada' project from its inception in 2006 until the PICA What I see when I Look at Sound exhibition and the premiere of the Australian Bass Orchestra. 48pp pocket-size book with colour fold-out of the graphic score for The End of Abe Sada, with an introduction by Jack Sargeant.

Martin Kay - All Things Metal CD "All Things Metal is a collection of recordings I have taken over the last 5 years of various environments and sound events captured closeup to and through an array of functioning and discarded metal infrastructure and objects. My intention for this album is to highlight the unique ability that metal possesses in abstracting, transforming and reconfiguring a given landscape — propelling the listener to reconsider their emotional and psychological connections to familiar urban environments." - Martin Kay 

Ron Nagorcka "Atom Bomb Becomes Folk Art" 2CD An overview of the pioneering Australian (now resident of Tasmania) composer's career, with compositions from 1974-2006 covering tape music, electro-acoustic works, field recording and just intonation. The highlight of this set is the full recording of Australian ensemble, Golden Fur, interpreting Nagorcka's seminal tape recorder opera "Atom Bomb", performed for the first time in over 30 years ('one of the most twistedly beautiful things I have ever heard', says Al Margolis of Pogus Records). With liner notes by Larry Polansky

Tarab - Shards of Splinters CD Sprod collected all of the sounds for Shards Of Splinters while on a month-long residency at MoKS in Estonia. He purposefully chose to go to Estonia in the middle of a very cold, very bleak Baltic winter, in stark contrast to the fire-season and sweltering temperatures he would have found at the same time in his native Australia. As with his small back catalogue, Shards Of Splinters navigates along the boundary between the natural and the industrial - where factories had been left to collapse and to be consumed by vegetation, where tin sheds were torn asunder by hurricane force winds, where rusted pipes eerily resonate chorale drones from unseen cisterns deep under the surface of the earth. Many a field recordist and sound ecologist uses this boundary space to collect a beguiling array of recordings, but Sprod focuses almost entirely on mapping an apocalyptic poetry through his profoundly broken sounds. The unforgiving cold of the Estonian winter threads his recordings of slushing ice, crumbled concrete, and scraped metal that he deftly arranges into ruptures and disturbances that churn through tactile squeaks and metallic vibrations. There is a violence front and center in Sprod's work as if he's forecast the globe itself waking from hibernation to exterminate humanity once and for all. Aesthetically, Shards Of Splinters finds common ground with Eric La Casa or the more narrative work of Chris Watson; but conceptually, Sprod takes a much darker approach akin to Small Cruel Party or G*Park, that gives his recordings a magnificent depth. Brilliant. - Jim Haynes.

Tarab - Strata CD Strata has been constructed from recording made in a series of vacant lots and their immediate surrounds in the north-west of Melbourne. These vacant lots are backed onto by various factories and warehouses on one side and a train line and Moonee Ponds creek (perhaps more aptly described as a concrete storm water drain) on the other. Running some 20 meters above all this is a large multi-lane highway overpass...Rather than attempting to document this location I set out to construct a sound piece from the place itself through my direct interaction with it. Somehow collecting together all the existent traces I could unearth to form the work. Not only through walking, observing and recording the various areas and sounds but also by crawling and scratching around in the dirt; sifting through the piles of discarded objects; listening to the solid vibrations of the concrete pylons and traffic noise from inside the creek; by burying microphones and dragging them through the dirt and rubble. Strata attempts to respond to ideas of urban density and emptiness, and to show how these states blur and overlap each other. I have tried to highlight the small hidden details and with them create a condensed hyper-real version of my many wanderings through this area. But perhaps more simply put, Strata is the result of a process of attempting to, if only fleetingly, inhabit somewhere. To see, hear, smell and touch it. - Eamon Sprod (Tarab)
Limited edition of 200 handnumbered copies.

Tarab - I'm Lost CD A schizoid-concrete opus of environmental sounds heightened, stimulated, decontextualized, and teased into a psychic puzzle of industrialized and post-industrialized detritus, I'm Lost marks another milestone in the ever impressive catalogue from Australian sound-artist Eamon Sprod, who adopts the moniker Tarab for his endeavors. The title is one that explodes with a multitude of meaning. There's the geographical frustration in losing one's way as the surrounding landmarks fail to match with whatever technology may be in use (e.g. a sextant, a compass, an iPhone, a torn map, one's poor memory of a childhood neighborhood, etc.). There's the psychological implications of being lost from the existential narratives that we have scripted for ourselves due to broken relationships, failed jobs, dead relatives, natural disasters, the hand of God, etc. In addition to these possibilities, Sprod proposes that the notion of "lost" could also be an inversion of the idea of the "found object" or the "found sound," instead becoming the "lost object" or the "lost sound." Sprod's semantic wordplay is hardly a conceptual gimmick, as he fully immerses himself in the confusional framework while maintaining a consummate technical prowess over his field recordings. The compositional approach is rhizomatic, with dead-ends, wrong turns, and reprisals of these same dead-ends and wrong turns, offering a blackhumor sneer at the stubbornness of humanity's inability to learn from our mistakes (e.g. pollution, blight, poverty, disease, etc). Within the album's harsh edits and disjointed collages, Sprod renders sound with dysphoric associations through his vacant drift, crumbled gravel, scalding plasma-tube frequencies, and putrid factory noise. I'm Lost achieves the same psychological gravity as heard in the works of Sudden Infant, P16.D4, and John Duncan with an even greater sense of dislocation from those pioneers of radical tape splicing.

Various artists "Ladyz in Noyz: Australia volume II" 2CDR - A double disc set featuring an array of Australian women working in noise and experimental-related music. But beyond gender, this is a fantastic survey of contemporary Australian noise and cutting edge musics, ranging from extended vocalists (Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, Amanda Stewart, Kusam Normoyle) to electronic manipulations (Eves, Fur Chick, Gail Priest, Gurner), through to extended instruments (Rosalind Hall, Laura Altman) and glorious noise (Cat Hope).

BACK IN STOCK - Various Artists "Source Records 1-6: Music of the Avant Garde 1968-1971" 3CD Originally released on a series of 10" LPs from 1968 to 1971 by the new music journal Source, this series documents some of the most significant experimental music from largely US composers (plus New Zealand's Annea Lockwood) of the time. This series has been remastered and issued as a 3 CD set with booklet; a veritable time capsule from a time and place that was hotbed in the developing story of experimental music. Other composers include Robert Ashley, Alvin Lucier, Larry Austin and more.

Shame File Music: Australian experimental and beyond...

Upcoming Gigs/Events:
More Talk, Less Action 2014 #2 ‘Promoting Unpopular Music: How and Why.
We all know it’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock’n’roll, and if you’re true to your art, forget about it. Many creatives face the problem of whether and how to promote unpopular culture. But is there more to promo than getting bums onto seats? Can the marketing extend the message? Our panelists are all experienced in the subtle art of leading people to music’s fringes; from running record shops specialising in musical oddities, to curating sound art festivals, and straddling the barbed-wire fence between comedy and indie pop. They offer wisdom about the dos and don’ts of selling the unsellable.

Philip Samartzis (lecturer in sound culture at RMIT, organizer of festivals)
Pat O’Brien (3RRR, Sunshine and Grease label/shop)
Justin Heazlewood (The Bedroom Philosopher, author of Funemployed)
moderated by Greg Wadley (Hi God People, New Waver, Spill label, University of Melbourne)

Thursday 2nd October from 7:30pm sharpish
West Space gallery, Level 1, 225 Bourke st, Melbourne
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More Talk, Less Action is a series of events featuring short performances with panel+audience discussion relating to topics of interest to music makers and afficionados. See http://MoreTalk.org for details, archive of previous events, etc.
** THIS Ensemble will play for a very long time on:
Friday 10 October, 2014 - 8:30pm
Cross Street (Moreland City Band Hall), East Brunswick.
Facebook event

** General Assemble of Interested Parties at Testing Grounds #2
I will be taking part in this 8 hour multi-media social event.
Sunday 12 October, 2014. 11am-7pm
Testing Grounds, 1-23 City Rd. Southbank
Facebook event

** I will be playing an outdoor acoustic duo with Ernie Althoff at this house gig. Also playing are Bound For Glory, Bonnie Mercer and Rod Cooper.
Saturday 26 October, 2014 - 2pm
Facebook event

** Good Improv/Bad Improv - two upcoming performances of my game piece/structured improvisation.

"Good Improv/Bad Improv" explores both negative and positive behaviours in group improvisation. Performers are arranged into trios, then each musician draws an instruction from a hat, which they then follow in the subsequent improvisation, without revealing the instruction to their fellow performers or audience until afterwards. Instructions include:

- Play softer than everyone else
- Completely disregard what the others play
- Be the star of the trio

Can you pick which are the good or bad behaviours?

Here is the score for the piece, including full details of how it works and all the instructions available to performers.

Thursday 20 November, 2014 - 7:30pm
More Talk, Less Action (2014) #3 - Improvisation: How To Win
West Space, Level 1, 225 Bourke Street, Melbourne
Performers: Lloyd Honeybrook, Adam Simmons, Alice Hui-Sheng Chang. Also in discussion with Clinton Green.

Saturday 29 November, 2014 - 2:30pm
Edinburgh Castle Hotel, 681 Brunswick Road, Brunswick
Performers TBA

Saturday, 27 September 2014

These Compulsive Behaviours - 15, 23, 24 Oct 2014

After the success of last years performance of BRUCHLANDUNG, we bring you...



Featuring the show Re:Evolution composed with the Amplified Elephants, Wrought Glacial created by Pansy Nulgit and Hullick and The Ballad of Emily Rose developed with the Noise Scavengers.
As the audience begin to take their seats, a man stands onstage, silently composing music notation. Within the hour, he’s joined onstage by an orchestra – the musicians seize their freshly minted sheet music and begin to play, even as the composer works furiously to complete the piece. Here the gathering orchestra heralds a key feature of this project: the celebration of sonic communities.
Thus begins the first concert of a remarkable music event conceived by maverick Australian composer James Hullick (Bruchlandung). A turbulent succession of ten experimental chamber orchestra works, These Compulsive Behaviours is a series of fractured soundscapes crafted as a gift of love for Hullick’s partner, Charlotte Bolcskey. In articulating this gift of love Hullick has included a range of sonic creators in developing some of the works: Re:Evolution has been composed with the Amplified Elephants — musicians with an intellectual disability; Wrought Glacial — created in partnership with Kimberley Elder and singer Pansy Nulgit; and The Ballad of Emily Rose — developed with car-jacking teens from the Noise Scavengers.
Playing with form and tone, Hullick and his sonic communities reframe unorthodox noise art as romantic devotion, weaving cut-up electronica with snippets of text, slow-melting glacial blocks of sound and the play of colour in darkness.
Featuring; BOLT Ensemble, Arcko Symphonic Ensemble, Amplified Elephants, Noise Scavengers, Pansy Nulgit, Michael Kieran Harvey, Richard Allen and Jonathan Duckworth.
giveth and taketh away                                     BOLT Orchestra
Sky-Flung Herds                                               Arcko and BOLT large orchestras
The Ballad of the Ever-Young Miss Rose         Michael Harvey (piano), Noise Scavengers and Arcko
Wrought Glacial                                                Pansy Nulgit and Arcko/BOLT large orchestras
CONCERT 2: Oct 15, 9:30PM
broken wood/whistling wind                               Arcko and BOLT large orchestra
If I Could Sing                                                    BOLT and )-(u||!c|< (voice and piano)
CONCERT 3: Oct 23, 7:30PM
Schizoid No. 1                                                    BOLT Orchestra and sound machines
Uno Series                                                         BOLT Orchestra, sound machines and electronic sound
Threshold                                                           BOLT Orchestra and electronic sound
CONCERT 4 : Oct 24, 7:30PM
RE:EVOLUTION                                                 Amplified Elephants, BOLT, CiART's Resonance Table

(forwarded from Dorani Lacey)

Thursday, 25 September 2014

More Talk, Less Action - West Space - 2 Oct 2014

We all know it’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock’n’roll, and if you’re true to your art, forget about it. Many creatives face the problem of whether and how to promote unpopular culture. But is there more to promo than getting bums onto seats? Can the marketing extend the message? Our panelists are all experienced in the subtle art of leading people to music’s fringes; from running record shops specialising in musical oddities, to curating sound art festivals, and straddling the barbed-wire fence between comedy and indie pop. They offer wisdom about the dos and don’ts of selling the unsellable.
Philip Samartzis (lecturer in sound culture at RMIT, organizer of festivals)
Pat O’Brien (3RRR, Sunshine and Grease label/shop)
Justin Heazlewood (The Bedroom Philosopher, author of Funemployed)
moderated by Greg Wadley (Hi God People, New Waver, Spill label, University of Melbourne)
Thursday 2nd October from 7:30pm sharpish
West Space gallery, Level 1, 225 Bourke st, Melbourne
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More Talk, Less Action is a series of events featuring short performances with panel+audience discussion relating to topics of interest to music makers and afficionados.

Habitat Tapes - Tape Label Series - 4 October 2014

For the Fringe Festival Tape Label Series Habitat Tapes have put together a night of Habitat friends:

Bonnie Mercer
Felicity Yang

Saturday 4th of October

The Slow Club (upstairs at The Tote)

71 Johnston St, Collingwood


Facebook event

Johannes Kreidler artist talk & panel discussion Friday 26th Sept. 11.20am

Presented by Media Lab Melbourne & Glitchmark in association with Liquid Architecture


Friday 26 Sep 2014, 11.20- 1.00pm FREE
Johannes Kreidler and panel speakers
Artist talk by Johannes Kreidler, then joined by a diverse panel of local artists; Jackie Antig, Ross Bencina, Maize Wallin, Ben Kolaitis and
Ceri Hann moderated by Richie Cyngler in discussion.

How do digital tools and connected networks impact on and facilitate interdisciplinary arts practice? Who owns uploaded art? What does Free Libre Open Source (FLOS) mean for art making and composition? And emergent discussion around these themes.

Johannes Kreidler is a contemporary composer based in Berlin, he often employs computer assisted processes in his work. Some recent work includes; Charts Music, sonification of the stock exchange, product placements, a 33 second piece comprising of 70,200 samples which were presented to the German copyright society and Fremdarbeit (foreign work), in which Kreidler sub-commissioned cheap overseas labour in the composition of the work. His work has been featured at numerous international music festivals.

This is a free special event presented by Media Lab Melbourne & Glitchmark in association with Liquid Architecture and the Ian Potter Museum of Art.

Also be aware there is a parade in the city Friday morning so please adjust your travel plans accordingly. pdf of closures

Ian Potter Museum of Art event
facebook event

More information:
All Welcome. No bookings required.

Seensound - Loop - 8 Oct 2014

Text on silk

Seensound: Visual/Music Series

8 October 2014 at 8:00pm

 Loop Bar Back Room

23 Meyers Place, Melbourne

Entry $10/$5

 Visual/Music Screenings:
Adrian Sherriff, Brigid Burke, Warren Burt, Roger Alsop,
Glen Henderson, Jon Drummond and Dennis Miller

The SeenSound: Visual/Music series provides a space for the presentation of short visual/music works. Visual/Music series commenced in 2011, curated by Melbourne-based audio-visual artist Brigid Burke, and is proudly supported by LOOP bar.

We are still accepting entries for the November 5 screening.
Please send media & brief description to:
Visual/Music Series
PO Box 315
Elsternwick Victoria 3183

Also, don't miss another Visual/Music related event on this week
an interactive dance-media production of
Kurt Vonnegut's Sirens of Titan
Thurs 25-Sun 28 September @Dancehouse,
150 Princes St, North Carlton

Featuring choreography by Ashlee Bye and Rachel Heller-Wagner,
music by Jess Keeffe and Camille Robinson,
responsive projections by Travis Cox
and interactive systems by Mark Pedersen.
Bookings at dancehouse.com.au or melbournefringe.com.au
(forwarded from Brigid Burke)

ReAssemble - Cross Street - 26 Sept 2014

(forwarded from Ren Walters)

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Tim Catlin, granger_o'dwyer, Prue Rees-Lee/Bison Grass - Long Play - 25 Oct 2014

Thursday 25th of October
Tim Catlin
Prue Rees-Lee & Bison Grass
Long Play Cinema
318 St Georges Rd, Fitzroy North
Doors at 8pm
$5 entry
Tim Catlin:  “I'm very excited to be debuting a new instrument at this show..the "Acoustic Synthesiser"..Acoustic guitar with built in electronics activating and sustaining string harmonics. It's like an acoustic version of the Moog electric guitar!
granger_o’dwyer:   This will be the final performance in a series of shows exploring the desert country psycho-geography of far-west NSW.  Desert field recordings and artifacts, harmonica, federation bells, guitar and electronics. 
Prue Rees-Lee & Bison Grass:  A new collaboration.  Good-Vibe New Age SoCal Sun God wor-ship.
(forwarded from Michael O'Dwyer)

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Rat-Noise @ MUSIKUNST - 2:30 pm Sat 27th Oct 2014

This month at MUSIKUNST on Sat the 27th of September, Shane Van Den Akker curates to bring you a regional taste of sound exploration from Ballarat sonic/noise makers. Traveling to Melbourne to bring us all an afternoon of the exotic "Rat-Noise", three sets of sonic explorers will show us how its done out in the sticks

Performing will be:

Donkey Muthers of Arse & Adam Simmons

Tov Wa Ra with Johannes Van Diemen & Gorheim Lundqvist

Matt Malone with guests Kucharzewski Dimitri & Edwood McKay

Venue open from midday for lunch - event runs from 2:30 to 5:30 pm - event entry: $10 / $5 conc
Edinburgh Castle Hotel 681 Sydney Rd Brunswick

Monday, 22 September 2014

Multitudes - An Immersive Performance of Light and Music

Nat Grant and Dirk de Bruyn team up for a new collaboration in 3 parts with live music, film, light and shadow play.

Dirk de Bruyn - film and light manipulation
David Kimball - light and shadow manipulation

Anna Camara - percussion
Nat Grant - percussion
Miranda Hill - double bass
Erica Rasmussen - percussion

8pm start, Friday 26 September at Conduit Arts Space (83 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy).

Kids welcome.

Facebook event here. (image courtesy Dirk de Bruyn)

Sunday, 21 September 2014


Sunday 21st September from 6pm at Conduit Arts
Hi God People, Hannah Raisin, Roarawar Feartata, Jen Moore

'Fluid Fantasy' at Conduit Arts Space features four Melbourne performance artists exploring the notions of desire, its futility and fundamentality while creating an alluring space for its existence. Hi God People will seek to nurture imagination and offer the potential for a toilet epiphany guided by a powerful and hypnotic guru. Artists Hannah Raisin, Roarawar Feartata and Jen Moore will lead us through fantasy, music, ritual and fun infused with the abject fluids of reality.

Curated by Sophie Perillo 

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/841449349223072

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Current: Sound Body Sight - Conduit - 20 Sept 2014

Trio of performers - dancers and musicians - with a visual artist working with each trio. Each hour from 3 pm. until late.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Trioka - Uni of Melbourne 9-19 Sept 2014

Eric Demetriou, Vincent Giles + Nigel Tan
Curated by Aneta Trajkoski.

9-19 September 2014.
Closing Night and drinks on Thursday 18 September, 5-7pm
George Paton Gallery and System Garden, University of Melbourne, Parkville.

Troika presents three sound works by artists Eric Demetriou, Vincent Giles, and Nigel Tan. Each artist adopts sound as a material to explore the spatial, visual, and sculptural. The exhibition is set across two locations on the University of Melbourne’s Parkville campus: the main gallery of George Paton Gallery, and the System Garden Tower outside the School of Botany.

As a self-supporting sculpture, Eric Demetriou’s Da Vinci Bridge flirts with conceptual and everyday notions of noise. Demetriou’s sculpture mischievously employs an anarchic gesture of noise as aural excess and as site for sonic exploration.

Vincent Giles's The Great Unhearing is sound installation in the iconic System Garden. Giles transforms the System Garden Tower into a resonating space responsive to the tower and the surrounding garden.

Nigel Tan’s audio-visual installation #30 is a collaborative project with fifteen visual artists. The installation examines and informs unorthodox associations between sound and film.

George Paton Gallery
Gallery hours: 11am-5pm Monday to Friday.
2nd floor, Union House, (enter via Tin Alley), University of Melbourne, Parkville.

System Garden (a short walk west of Union House).
Hours: 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday.
System Garden, School of Botany, (enter via Bank Lane), University of Melbourne, Parkville.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

OpenLAB this Sunday Sept 14. Library at the Dock

2pm SUNDAY Sept 14th – Docklands Library Performance Space. This month we will be looking at performance and digital expression through real world engagement with Roger Alsop & Dan Koerner.

WE ARE BACK at the newly minted DOCKLANDS LIBRARY. For those not initiated, it's a wonderful new library space with an emphasis on creative applications of technologies - a re-imagination of what libraries should or could be in the future. It still offers all the traditional functions of a library, but it also has an in-house Maker space, computer workshop, sound facilities, interactive kids zone and more.

Library at The Dock (as it is officially called) is located at 107 Victoria Harbour Promenade. There is plenty of on-street parking available as well as public transport. Library at The Dock is a short walk from Southern Cross Station and can also be reached by catching the 48 & 112 Trams. Make your way upstairs to the lecture theatre once you get there.

Diversity and engagement underpin Roger Alsop’s practice. He is currently working with community groups, developing and communicating a sense of place; in developing the media/movement performance Infundibular with students, and his own practice, which explores the relationships between artist, audience, and environment. This includes, sound art/music composition, interactive art, and video art. He teaches undergraduate, postgraduate and research students at the VCA and Box Hill Institute, and has also mentored performance students at Victoria University, and through the Spark program. He has written on topics including sound and interactive arts, artistic approaches to environmental sustainability, art and medical imaging, cross media art, and gesture interactions. Arts Victoria, VicHealth and the Royal Botanic Gardens have funded his creative work, which is presented internationally.

Dan Koerner is a Creative Director of Sandpit, a company focused on the convergence of participatory culture, digital content and physical experiences in order to excite and engage audiences in new ways.

Dan has a background in live performance, film and web development as a director and creative collaborator. From 2007-2011 he worked at creative director of PLOT Media in Melbourne, directing music videos, TV commercials and several short films including Yasue (2010) and if i dance will it keep me warm (2011) which made official selection for the 2011 Melbourne International Film Festival and its Accelerator Program for that year. He has been an artistic associate of Adelaide’s The Border Project since 2002 working as a designer (Please Go Hop!, 2005), videographer (Trouble On Planet Earth, 2008), performer (Highway Rock n Roll Disaster, 2006) and director (Disappearance, 2008 & I Am Not An Animal 2012). In 2007 he directed and created Kissy Kissy which came to that year’s Adelaide Fringe Festival where Dan was a co-creator of the Black Lung venue on Hindley Street. In 2011 he directed Take Me There for Restless Dance Theatre in that year’s Come Out Festival.

At Sandpit Dan has designed multiplatform extensions for feature films 52 Tuesdays, The Boy Castaways, a campaign for Hopscotch’s release of feature film Now You See Me, and has directed an interactive audio tour experience I, Animal for Melbourne Zoo. Sandpit recently created an interactive phone booth project Dial-A-Story with Penguin Books, and Windmill Theatre on their forthcoming performance, and feature film, Girl Asleep.


OpenLAB is here to share and explore the wonderful world of creative makers. Each talk allows artists, musicians, engineers, performers, and designers to come together and share their work and creative passions with the public and other creatives. More info http://www.medialabmelbourne.com.au/

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/284231155115750/
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/0penLAB
Or want to share your stuff online? Go to our Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/391613844243340/