Johannes Kreidler artist talk & panel discussion Friday 26th Sept. 11.20am

Presented by Media Lab Melbourne & Glitchmark in association with Liquid Architecture


Friday 26 Sep 2014, 11.20- 1.00pm FREE
Johannes Kreidler and panel speakers
Artist talk by Johannes Kreidler, then joined by a diverse panel of local artists; Jackie Antig, Ross Bencina, Maize Wallin, Ben Kolaitis and
Ceri Hann moderated by Richie Cyngler in discussion.

How do digital tools and connected networks impact on and facilitate interdisciplinary arts practice? Who owns uploaded art? What does Free Libre Open Source (FLOS) mean for art making and composition? And emergent discussion around these themes.

Johannes Kreidler is a contemporary composer based in Berlin, he often employs computer assisted processes in his work. Some recent work includes; Charts Music, sonification of the stock exchange, product placements, a 33 second piece comprising of 70,200 samples which were presented to the German copyright society and Fremdarbeit (foreign work), in which Kreidler sub-commissioned cheap overseas labour in the composition of the work. His work has been featured at numerous international music festivals.

This is a free special event presented by Media Lab Melbourne & Glitchmark in association with Liquid Architecture and the Ian Potter Museum of Art.

Also be aware there is a parade in the city Friday morning so please adjust your travel plans accordingly. pdf of closures

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All Welcome. No bookings required.