Tim Catlin, granger_o'dwyer, Prue Rees-Lee/Bison Grass - Long Play - 25 Oct 2014

Thursday 25th of October
Tim Catlin
Prue Rees-Lee & Bison Grass
Long Play Cinema
318 St Georges Rd, Fitzroy North
Doors at 8pm
$5 entry
Tim Catlin:  “I'm very excited to be debuting a new instrument at this show..the "Acoustic Synthesiser"..Acoustic guitar with built in electronics activating and sustaining string harmonics. It's like an acoustic version of the Moog electric guitar!
granger_o’dwyer:   This will be the final performance in a series of shows exploring the desert country psycho-geography of far-west NSW.  Desert field recordings and artifacts, harmonica, federation bells, guitar and electronics. 
Prue Rees-Lee & Bison Grass:  A new collaboration.  Good-Vibe New Age SoCal Sun God wor-ship.
(forwarded from Michael O'Dwyer)