More Talk, Less Action - West Space - 2 Oct 2014

We all know it’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock’n’roll, and if you’re true to your art, forget about it. Many creatives face the problem of whether and how to promote unpopular culture. But is there more to promo than getting bums onto seats? Can the marketing extend the message? Our panelists are all experienced in the subtle art of leading people to music’s fringes; from running record shops specialising in musical oddities, to curating sound art festivals, and straddling the barbed-wire fence between comedy and indie pop. They offer wisdom about the dos and don’ts of selling the unsellable.
Philip Samartzis (lecturer in sound culture at RMIT, organizer of festivals)
Pat O’Brien (3RRR, Sunshine and Grease label/shop)
Justin Heazlewood (The Bedroom Philosopher, author of Funemployed)
moderated by Greg Wadley (Hi God People, New Waver, Spill label, University of Melbourne)
Thursday 2nd October from 7:30pm sharpish
West Space gallery, Level 1, 225 Bourke st, Melbourne
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More Talk, Less Action is a series of events featuring short performances with panel+audience discussion relating to topics of interest to music makers and afficionados.