Trioka - Uni of Melbourne 9-19 Sept 2014

Eric Demetriou, Vincent Giles + Nigel Tan
Curated by Aneta Trajkoski.

9-19 September 2014.
Closing Night and drinks on Thursday 18 September, 5-7pm
George Paton Gallery and System Garden, University of Melbourne, Parkville.

Troika presents three sound works by artists Eric Demetriou, Vincent Giles, and Nigel Tan. Each artist adopts sound as a material to explore the spatial, visual, and sculptural. The exhibition is set across two locations on the University of Melbourne’s Parkville campus: the main gallery of George Paton Gallery, and the System Garden Tower outside the School of Botany.

As a self-supporting sculpture, Eric Demetriou’s Da Vinci Bridge flirts with conceptual and everyday notions of noise. Demetriou’s sculpture mischievously employs an anarchic gesture of noise as aural excess and as site for sonic exploration.

Vincent Giles's The Great Unhearing is sound installation in the iconic System Garden. Giles transforms the System Garden Tower into a resonating space responsive to the tower and the surrounding garden.

Nigel Tan’s audio-visual installation #30 is a collaborative project with fifteen visual artists. The installation examines and informs unorthodox associations between sound and film.

George Paton Gallery
Gallery hours: 11am-5pm Monday to Friday.
2nd floor, Union House, (enter via Tin Alley), University of Melbourne, Parkville.

System Garden (a short walk west of Union House).
Hours: 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday.
System Garden, School of Botany, (enter via Bank Lane), University of Melbourne, Parkville.