Whistle-biter - Stewart St - 7 Sept 2013


The evening concert will include two duo performances, featuring the rarely heard Whistle-biter (Hermione Johnson/NZ on prepared piano and David Brown on prepared guitar) and Endean/Dunscombe - on two bass clarinets. The concert will take place at Aviva‘s home studio and will accommodate only the first 25 punters to book a spot. Bookings are essential and will work on a first come first serve basis, so please email Aviva or David to ensure a spot.

Where: 120 Stewart St Brunswick 

When: 8pm Saturday the 7th September

Cost: An entry fee of $20 will be payable on the night. Some wine will be provided but guests are welcome to BYO as well.


Whistle-biter, born of sunken regions separated by the Tasman, where lakes are the doors to cardboard and strings. Where small motors grow the tones of polished wood and cats dream under pianos. Our perorations like phantom wires rust at express pace, conjoined by white cloud, salt and the Southern green moon. Our stinking rivers and marshlands filter the singing of windblown felt-hammers while strained, creaking veneer over wood cracks in solitude.

Hermione Johnson: piano and prepared piano.

David Brown: guitar and prepared guitar.

(forwarded from Dave Brown)