Illuminoscillate - Uniform Wall

An auditory exploration spanning the experience of the silent heartbeat to the raucous onslaught of the modern world.

It is a Lovecraftian delve into mad, subterranean depths, yet paradoxically also a trip through the reaches of the cosmos to where the creators (and destroyers) of worlds may dwell. The experience of Illuminoscillate's record is mature, and intellectual. It is cold, foreboding, and ominous, fecund with the sheer power and majesty of
the pulsing, thrumming universe. Uniform Wall is a multivariate synthesis of sound constructing a new dark ambient landscape from the influences of nature, power electronics, field recording, and more.

From the meditative drone of City Loop to the agitation of Late November, Illuminoscillate relentlessly challenges the mind and forces one to look up to the skies in search of understanding.

Secrets of Giza is proud to unveil the latest sonic pastiche from Australian prodigy Illuminoscillate. “Uniform Wall” by Illuminoscillate is available online worldwide via Secrets of Giza as a 6 panel digipack, digital only releases available via iTunes and Googleplay.

(forwarded from M.Casey)