Noise Flash - Melbourne Museum Forecourt - 1 Sept 2013

Date: Sunday 1 September 2013 Time: 2:00pm – 3:00pm
Noise Flash is a silent experimental audio performance, whereby the audio is performed live and broadcast via short wave FM radio transmitters. Performing artists will be using acoustically silent devices. In order to hear the performance, audience members are required to bring their own FM radio and headphones, and tune into the broadcast frequency (108.0 FM).
When close to a performer, an audience member will hear only that performer. When between performers, the signal fades and interacts with other signals in the space. This can cause interesting mixes of audio, static, and distortion. It also puts the audience member directly in control of how they hear the performance. Their physical journey through the space ultimately dictates their interpretation of the audio performance.
The experimental audio performers will be positioned throughout the forecourt of the Melbourne Museum in the Carlton Gardens (underneath the giant roof at the entrance to the museum). Noise Flash is curated by Todd Anderson-Kunert, and this performance is presented as a part of the Liquid Architecture Festival.
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(forwarded from Todd Anderson-Kunert)