Melbourne Patching Circle - 5 Apr 2012

There is a new electronic arts community meet-up, and you’re invited to the first one ever!

Media Lab Melbourne is proud to host the Melbourne Patching Circle.

This is a regular meeting for musicians, artists, and those who are ‘just plain curious’ to have a place to share/teach/learn about current projects of varying sources.

People from all backgrounds and levels of experience are welcome.

Everyone is encouraged to bring whatever current media projects you may be working on, or just simply show up and see what the Melbourne community is getting up to.

Video editors, Musicians, Graphic designers, circuit builders, general hackers, or just people that are curious are all equally encouraged.

There will be an emphasis on Open Source tools for artists and musicians, and creative programming environments such as Pure Data, Max/MSP, Processing, OpenFrameworks, VVVV, and so on. Electronic hardware, sensors and micro-controllers will also feature.

This is an open community and there are really no restrictions on what content you bring as long as it is some kind of electronic art.

It will be a good idea to bring your laptop, and invite your friends along. Patching Circle meet-ups are going to be weekly, join the Melbourne Patching Circle Community list at

Here’s the facebook event:

Event details:
Thursday April 5th
7pm – 11pm
136A Cromwell Street, Collingwood

(forwarded from Richie Cyngler)