New on Shame File Music - April 2012

New releases from Shame File Music:

Val Stephen “Electrogenesis” mp3/CD - Against a backdrop of nascent electronic music experimentation in 1960s Melbourne, a self-avowed 'amateur' musician became the first Australian to have electronic music released commercially on an international label. Val Stephen (featured on “Artefacts of Australian experimental music: 1930-1973” CD), a practising anaesthetist, developed an interest in electronic music in the late 1950s and recorded a large body of work with a range of tools and techniques. Stephen's music, along with his public advocacy of electronic music, was pioneering in regard to the acceptance of electronic music as a legitimate musical concern in Melbourne.

Stephen's work reveals a level of diversity in the development of Australian electronic music that is outside both the academy and commercial applications. The music selected here is from a much larger pool of recordings on nearly one hundred reel-to-reel tapes and twenty-five audio cassettes that formed Stephen's private collection.

Download this selection from along with liner notes by Clinton Green, or alternatively purchase a CDR version for $10ppd.

Hectic Head "No Shame No Games" mp3/CD - Lo-fi electronica mixed with field recordings and folk tunes and a subtle hint of bongwater. This airy, atmospheric EP paints a dystopic picture of decrepit and quietly desperate suburban backwaters. The opener "Down in Snowtown" will send a chill down the spine of anyone familiar with that infamous South Australian town. Download this selection from or purchase a CDR version for $10ppd

Coming Soon: Ernie Althoff “Moggs Creek Picnic Ground” CD

New titles on the Shame File Music catalogue:

Will Guthrie "Sticks, Stones & Breaking Bones"CD/LP Powerhouse percussion opus sees Guthrie at his apex as a drum/percussion master. These three pieces explore heavy rhythmical shifts combined with acoustic artefacts from drum reverb. Outstanding album - this is what drum solos were meant to sound like all along. CD $20ppd, LP $35ppd

The Ames Room "Bird Dies" CD Brutal, intense free jazz trio (Jean Luc Guinnet, Will Guthrie and Clayton Thomas) with heavy emphasis on polyrhythmic effect by both drums, bass and even the sax, bar a few lyrical figures that occasionally appear from the latter. Live recording in front of an ecstatic audience in 2010 - $20ppd

Dead Boomers "The Pig in the Python" LP Debut full length album after several short-run cassette and CDR releases, this vinyl-only release shows how the Melbourne duo has evolved from a harsh noise outfit to minimalist power electronics creating precise, sharp, and deadly "songs". The Dead Boomers thematic and lyrical content concerns the future realities for society of an ageing baby boomer population, full of anger, despair and resignation (limited edition of 300). $27ppd

Jim Denley "Your Breath On My Lips" CD - This CD is mixed from two previous recordings of installations Denley was involved in, including recordings of 100 snails and a 'balloonsax'. The result is an organic piece wrought with tension. $10ppd

Radio Ca Ca cassette - Collage of what sounds like radio signals and programmes. Label promo: 'Like something you’d pick up in a dodgy porn shop or hopefully find one day in a vinnies bin and it blows your mind. Exactly as the name suggests, you’ll be skipping through the radio channels of absolute blissed out synth, wandering back to days of primitive ruckus, and trekking through the streets of Mexico to Thailand, only to return to some odd homely conversation. All recorded direct to dictaphone and all out of wack' - $7ppd

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Clinton Green live at Make It Up Club:

I will be performing solo with acoustic turntables and percussion:
Caroyln Connors/Judith Hamann/Sean Baxter
Clinton Green
Mitchell Brennan/Stephan Richards
Tuesday 1st May, 9pm
Make It Up Club, Bar Open (upstairs), 317 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

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