Saturday April 14th

 Saturday 14th April
$10 - Doors at 7PM
KIPL - 136 Roden St. North Melbourne

11:00 - Valerio Tricoli (berlin) / Sean Baxter
10:15 - Werner Dafeldecker (berlin)
09:30 - Snawklor
08:45 - Chronox
08:00 - VDO
07:15-  Dry Mouth

Valerio Tricoli (Berlin) / Sean Baxter duo

... Re-united duo wherein Baxter's percussive clatter is pitted against the concrete revox manipulations of Valerio Tricoli (3/4 Had Been Eliminated).

Werner Dafeldecker (Berlin)

Over the years, Dafeldecker has played contrabass in a number of guises, most notably in the excellent Autistic Daughters (Kranky records) as well as in collaboration with such notables as Kevin Drumm, Chris Abrahams, Jim O' Rourke and Christian Fennesz amongst numerous others.


Long-serving Melbourne collective who continue to challenge the limits of sound w/ synths, drums, whatever else can be used to make ecstatic noise.


Rare appearance from Melbourne via Newcastle via cosmos duo dealing in patient synth-manifestation.


Post-youtube synth sample apparations thru cassette player(s).

Dry Mouth

Low-brow synth / tape n' rec loop / noise. As indebted to Rodney Rude as Pierre Henry, wooo.