New albums by Christopher de Groot

Two recent theatre works by composer Christopher de Groot have been released as soundtrack albums on local label The Mind Is Listening.

Dream Home
Fusing the unsettling sound world of Lynchian suburbia with the body horror music of David Cronenberg films, de Groot's music is filled with terror and nostalgic sadness. Mixing multiple electric guitars, classical harps, reverb washed mellotrons, and field recordings of bee hives with the haunting quality of a solo bass flute, de Groot's score is a nightmare you wont want to wake up from.

Music and sound design from the theatre show Dream Home by playwright Emilie Collyer, performed in May at the Norhtcote Town Hall as part of the 2015 Darebin Speakeasy season. 

This score was written to accompany the theatre adaptation of Igmar Bergman's classic film Persona, directed by Sam Barrett and performed at the 2014 MUST Container Festival. Taking inspiration from 1950s electroacoustic tape music, de Groot's soundtrack is a dark and immersive accompaniment for an existential modern horror classic. 

Dream Home and Persona are available through The Mind Is Listening. 

(forwarded from Christopher de Groot)