Improv Idol - Wesley Anne - 1 Oct 2015

Improv Idol
Thursday 1 October 2015, 8pm
Wesley Anne, 250 High Street, Northcote

Improv Idol is one part talent show, one part music improvisation laboratory, with bucket loads of audience participation and fun. Contestants vie for the glory of being crowned Melbourne’s first Improv Idol in a series of group improvisations. Guided by a panel of expert judges, YOU the audience votes for their favourite improviser, who then progresses through to the next round.

Our illustrious judges: Carolyn Connors, Sean Baxter, Ian Parsons

Our Improv Idol finalists: Mat Blackwell (guitar/kazoo/fully sikk wikkid beatboxing yo), Gary Butler (guitar/toys/stupidity), Brae Grims (cornet/mellophone), Gemma Horbury (trumpet/voice), Jessica Isgro (vocals), Barnaby Oliver (guitar), David Seedsman (sax/drums/vocals), Shane Van Den Akker (vocals).
Come along on 1 October and make your vote count!

Facebook event

Improv Idol head honchos joined judges Carolyn Connors and Ian Parsons on Ian's show The Sound Barrier on PBS-FM on Wednesday night - you can listen to it here.