Australia's favourite ultra-capitalist response to the lucrative terrorist demographic once again proves its niche market dominance with two stellar new pieces of agit-prop iconoclasty:


Captain of Team Australia, Mr Tony Abbott, begins this piece, his incitement to beheadings slowly slurring under the weight of smooth capitalist granular stretching... gradual sinking into a desert storm so deep that the only way to remove one's head from the sand is to lop it off entirely.  Half an hour of deep angry drones and whitewashed political noise, guaranteed to motivate one to radical unpleasantness.


Dedicated to the proud men and women of the Border Force, these two slabs of grinding demographic profiling not only will keep you safe, but will keep your children's children safe as well.  Harsh capitalist noise, dark atmospheric waves, broken patriotic glitches, and full-system feedback all conspire to break one's spirit, and, once broken, reform it into an idealised uber-Australian, shades of grey washed away. 

(As with all HARAAM releases, these motivational aides can be downloaded for free, but doing so does go against the corporate oligarchy, and reduces the market dominance of the wage-slave power structures.  Whose team are you batting for, anyway?)