Next Wednesday the 10th of September @ Stutter...

This week for Stutter's occasional series that focuses on a specific performer in 3 different contexts, avant-improv schlagwerker, Sean Baxter (Pateras/Baxter/Brown, Embers, Bucketrider, Lazy, etc) features in 3 unique collaborations:

  • Anthea Caddy (cello) and Sean Baxter (junk): A collision of the sonic worlds of modernist classical music and the nightmare ambience of Black Metal abstraction.

  • Robbie Avenaim (drumkit and objects) and Sean Baxter (drumkit and objects): A new duo from 2 of Australia's most innovative percussionists which showcases the extreme sonic possibilities of the humble drum.

  • Tim Olive (tabletop guitar and electronics), David Brown (guitar and electronics) and Sean Baxter (drumkit): Featuring Tim Olive (Japan/Canada) in this unique collaboration with longtime conspirators Baxter and Brown, expect the jarring, macrosonic, pointilism of Lazy combined with the deep and complex art of tabletop guitar which Olive has developed into a transcendental sonic force!

  • dj Switchblade Sisters Sound System (Dan Lewis/Aktion Unit, etc)

@ Horse Bazaar
397 Little Lonsdale Street,
8:30 PM
$5 on the door