Sunday 21st at Forepaw: BADVIBES

If you're heading down to the High Vibes clusterfuck this Sunday, consider the following:

13:30 Rod Cooper
14:30 Felicity Mangan
15:30 Chrome Dome
16:30 Bum Creek
17:30 GUGG
18:30 Lost Animal
19:30 Splitfoot
20:30 Abre Ojos
21:30 Dylan Martorell & Justin Fuller
22:00 Films curated by Sunshine & Grease

Also, throughout the day, cheap beans n rice to soak up the beer, and a Quality Record Stall c/o Sunshine & Grease. This will be the last gig at Forepaw for a good long while.

Forepaw: 275 High Street Northcote
Sunday 21 September
1pm – 11pm