Shoji Hano (Japan) plays Maximum Arousal this Sunday!

Sun Sept 14
The Toff
252 Swanston St

Maximum Arousal is proud to present:


Shoji Hano was born in 1955, Fukuoka, Japan. His first experience of drumming was at the age of four in the style of Kokura Gion Taiko at a local festival. He began playing the western drum set at the age of 15. With passionate interests to study the drumming of jazz masters such as Max Roach, Art Blakey and "Philly" Joe Jones, Hano commenced public performances in 1974. In 1975, encounters with such mavericks as Kaoru Abe (alto sax) and Toshinori Kondo (trumpet) as well as being introduced to the martial art Shintaido had led Hano to develop his own style of improvised drumming based on the philosophical concepts of the aforementioned martial art form. Continuity in Hano's career is more convincing than impressive with such experiences in Japan, Europe and USA as numerous collaborative performances with Peter Brotzmann, Eugene Chadbourne, Tristan Honsinger, Mototeru Takagi, William Parker, Keiji Haino and many more. His past festival appearances
include Vilnius Jazz Festival (Lithuania), Moers Jazz Festival 2007 (Germany), Poschiavo Uncool Festival (Switzerland) and many more.

This is Shoji Hano's premier visit in Australia.

Shoji will also appear in a blistering trio set with Melbourne-based Dutch saxophonist/free jazz legend Kris Wanders (member of Embers, Globe Unity Orchestra amongst others), + Brisbane-based Japanese guitarist Yusuke Akai who has worked with artists such as Kazuo Imai, Wadada Leo Smith, Jeff Henderson, Damo Suzuki, Sun Of The Seventh Sister & more.
Do not miss this rare glimpse of post-fire-energy music/primitive punk fury/under the radar radicalism!


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