Guitarelay@After Dark this Saturday

Now dig this - GUITARELAY takes place this Saturday Night at Afterdark and its Free!

Guitarelay Poster (Orange)
Guitarelay is a performance by numerous solo guitar and bass players whereby one begins, another joins part way through, one may drop out, another joins in etc. The performance is open to reducing to one player or swelling to accommodate a few at once.

Two sets - 9pm & 10:30pm - Giddyup!

Featuring: Seth Rees (This Is Your Captain Speaking/The Spheres), Barnaby Oliver (Wall Of E/Infinite Decimals), Zac Keiller (Quint/Lancaster), Troy Naumoff (Ants/Fibonacci), Ross Harvey (Tractor by Day/Through Lost Hope), Irit Rozenfeld (Cor’delle/Oblako Lodka), Ryan McRobb (Mousetraplecia), Don Rogers (Lost To The City/Volume = Colour) and Gearoid Brinn,

Saturday 6th September @ The Afterdark Bar & Gallery, 565 High St, Northcote, 9pm & 10:30pm - come join the free fun in this unique event!