MAKE IT UP CLUB - Melbourne Fringe Festival

MIUC Fringe Festival 2008

This year, the MIUC's annual contribution to Melbourne Fringe is curated by the inimitable musical provocateurs behind Venting Gallery.

With a focus on performers from the underground DIY no-core scene that has been fomenting in the Blue Mountains over the last decade, this year's MIUC Fringe Fest promises to be as uncompromising as always.

Presented over 2 consecutive Tuesday nights (September 30 and October 7), MIUC Fringe 2008 features groups old and new spanning the sonoverse of avant-improv, from Melbourne to Victoria to Australia to the World to the Sonoverse.

Tuesday September 30th, 2008

POLY-DUOISMS: Featuring 3 familiar duos from the underground fields of breakcore, shitcore and noise in very unfamiliar contexts. As the title of this show suggests, be prepared for some rhizomatic, aural, head-fuckery with 2 partners, 2 ''rock'' instruments, and a cosmos full of traditions to be dealt with.

  • UNAUSTRALIANS featuring: Ein (guitar) and Aus (vocals and drummachine)
  • GO GENRE EVERYTHING featuring: Jen Tait (percussion) and Zach von Bamberger (guitar)
  • PIG & MACHINE featuring: Yuka Mikayama (vocals and drummachine) and John Harte (guitar)

Tuesday October 7, 2008

Mens Agitat Molenz: A Cornucacophony of outsiders and insiders from the planet of noise. Featuring enfant terribles from north of the border with the sublime no-core aesthetic of the Blue Mountains, to the extreme core-core of the Gold Coast and environs north, to the anti-core of the home of Norwegian Black Metal: Norway.

  • NECKHOLD (Brisbane): featuring Nic Turner and Taylor Turner (epiphany)
  • SOUND DWELLER (Sunshine Coast): Luke Holland (guitar), Jasper Hunt (drumkit), and Sam Witek (saxophone)
  • JIM DENLEY & KIM MYHR (Blue Mountains & Norway): Jim Denley (saxophone) and Kim Myhr (guitar)
  • SUN OF THE SEVENTH SISTER (Blue Mountains): Adam Sussmann, Matt Earle, Ryko Kalinko, Melanie Simpson, Nick Dan, Rory Brown, Bonnie Hart, Chris Nylstoch, Ben, Shirls, Martin, Marc, and more...

Doors: 8pm

Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia
PH: 03 9415 9601