MIUC 280524: Eastmint Guest Curation

An evening of exploratory sounds with the Man from Atlantis and Nick Ashwood live at the Tramway Hotel May 29

Liquid Architecture presents: Kusum Normoyle, Jannah Quill, Joee Mejias (PHL) - Fri 10 May, Mission to Seafarers

The Future Poets of Tarneit - new release

ECSTATIC: MELBOURNE #1 @ JOLTED This Friday 10/05/24

Antonym - a video by Ernie Althoff and John Campbell

MIUC 070524: Joee Mejias [PH]; Nina Buchanan/Kuya Neil; bodies of divine infinite and eternal spirit

Two exploratory guitar releases out today: Milarepa Dorji's Grimoire and Kawol Samarqandi’s Noli me tangere

MIUC 300424: IDMT [BG]; 2 Rabbits; Isobel D’Cruz/Meredith Beardmore/Hank Clifton-Williamson; Kavil

LONGPLAY 26/04/24

MIUC 16/04/24: Cher/Ollie Ballantyne/Noah Papworth; Reuben Lewis + Dancers; Rin McArdle/Mikey Nolan

Shiroishi, Prymek, Nguyen: Eventually the River Rises Here Too, Same as it Always Has