New release from Andy Wear

"Looking Up" - a video by Ernie Althoff and John Campbell

"Relativity/Only" new LP from Clinton Green + more from Shame File Music

MIUC 090321 McHarg/Sherriff; Durongpisitkul/Svoboda; Cooper/Kaczmarek/Douglas

SeenSound Live Edition: Sat 6 March 6pm

MIUC 02/03/21: Hyde/Lewis; Umiumare/Smith; Farnsworth/Shallow

MIUC 230221 Cavies !/Wolfa; Ili Pika/Godfire; The Convoy/Doroth

'Locked Down and Live' - Facetoucher live and pissed off as Friday's lockdown happened

George Christian: Diários da Sobrevivência (Survival Diaries)

MIUC 160221 Hyde/Lewis; Umiumare/Smith; Farnsworth/Shallow

New Restrictions... a new Facetoucher album.

MIUC 090221 Brown/Carbo; UBOA/Rolfe; Diploid/Sow Discord

New Independent Melbourne label Ramble Records update