Shame File Music news: Surface Noise Vol. 10 + Althoff reissue + a tonne of imports and pre-orders

MIUC 071221: MESS Curation *BACK AT BAR OPEN*

New Glitchy Cultural Detournements You Can Dance To From B'O'K

Seizing the means of production: the accessibility of electronic music | Invitation to participate in research

MIUC Online 301121: Tumanov[RU]/Van Driel[NL]; Sharon Gal[UK]; Sundialll[ID/TW]; Amplified Elephants

new album - Adam Casey & the Liminal Choir 'Nether | Aether'

Kawol Samarqandi and George Christian: Telegraph Paths

MIUC ONLINE 231121: Mixxit/Teguh Permana/Sundialll [ID]; Adam Halliwell; Mick Power

MIUC Online 161121: Laurie Amat (US); Mito Elias; Chee 默契/Green/Liu (TW); Oliver Brown

New Ernie Althoff on Shame File Music + loads of new titles in the shop