MIUC 110521 Branagan / Stegeman; Outlier; Lucas Abela

Narconia : Exit Wounds


MIUC 040521 Facetoucher; J. Caressé/ĀN JÍ/Williams; Rebeiro/Quill

SYDNEYSIDE 1983 - a video by Ernie Althoff and John Campbell

SeenSound Live Edition: Sat 1 May 6pm

new retroglitchscapes from DELOREAN GREY

Nat Grant's Momentum: Chapala at Blindside opening 29th April

MIUC 270421 Goodall/Seven; Galactagogue; Williamson/Svoboda

Veltheim, McConnachie, Walters at the Brunswick Green

Shadowland: AV Experience in Old Munitions Facility 'Jack's Magazine'

Facetoucher has been busy - SIX new releases since last update!