New additions to Shame File Music mailorder

Note on shipping during COVID-19 lockdown/s: delays shipping outside of Australia are expected to continue, but shipping within Australia seems to be going ahead without too many problems.

Marco Fusinato “Spectral Arrows: Auckland” LP - Patented slabs of guitar noise.

Marco Fusinato + Striborg “Extended Breakdown” 2LP - Live recordings of Fusinato and reclusive black metal icon Striborg at Dark Mofo.

Tolley & Dara “Cutheart” LP - Reissue of seminal 1980 album from David Tolley and Dur-e Dara.

Maria Moles “Opening” LP - Debut vinyl from one of the most exciting emerging drummers around.

Oren Ambarchi & Will Guthrie “Knotting” CD - Ecstatic live duo of these two superstars.

Fia Fiell “All in the Same Room” LP - Beautiful ambient synth compositions.

David Brown & James Clayden “Plant Hunting in Japan” LP - Dave Brown slings guitar and sings for operettas composed by Clayden.

Eric La Casa & Eamon Sprod “Friche: transition” CD - 2015 recordings made at the wastelands on the edges of Paris.

Tarab “Material Studies #1” cassette - New arrangements of sounds collected from early 1990s Tarab recordings/cassettes.

Tarab “Apophenia” CD - The latest meticulous sound study from Tarab.

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