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Fifi L’Amour & Rik Rue “Rue L’Amour” digital CDR - The mid-1980s was a highly productive time for Rik Rue. Along with releasing often more than one cassette a year, he was also meeting a diverse range of new artists to collaborate with. One of the strangest of these collaborators, he says, was Fifi L’Amour. L’Amour was a pioneer of often-surreal cabaret performance in late-1970s Sydney, co-founding Cabaret Conspiracy. She moved to Europe in 1985 and continued to perform. She died in 2012. Originally released on cassette by Pedestrian Tapes in 1984, remastered by Shane Fahey in 2019.

Tony Buck/Rik Rue “Come Let Us Build Ourselves A City” digital - This mid-1990s collaborative EP was originally released on mini-CD (by Berlin label, Algen), but has been included here as a worthy addendum to Shame File Music’s Rik Rue Cassette Archive as a unique collaboration between two giants of Australian improvised and experimental music. Both artists expressed their willingness for Come Let Us Build Ourselves A City to be made available again, identifying it as a recording each still have a lot of affection for. Buck brings his array of drums and percussion, along with drum machines, and Rue mangles it all through analogue and digital filters, mashed with his collection of samples, a sonic portrait of a devastated and divided city reborn.

Shame File Mailorder – new titles

Nurse With Wound & the James Worse Public Address Method "The Vursiflenze Mismantler" CD - In recent years, Nurse With Wound and James Worse have been collaborating on various live and recorded projects - this CD travels even further into their lysergic realm. Additional contributions come from Petr Vastl on violin and Timo Van Luijk on vibraphone. Copies are going very fast, order quick to secure yours.

Ross Manning “Smooth Orb on Milky Halo” CDR - Four strange, idiosyncratic tracks of lo-fi abstraction. It could be strings, it could be reeds, it could be one of Manning’s kinetic sound sculptures. Maybe there’s tape manipulation as well? Manning is silent as far as explanations, but fortunately not musically. Limited edition of 50 CDRs (hand-numbered), housed in an elegant, embossed envelope adorned with a Manning drawing.

Ross Manning "te t on on ti computer" cassette - Manning presents "two different aspects of his musical direction. The first side is a montage, with a big variety of distorted sounds and pure tones, that reproduced by his custom-made instruments and electronic sources. Noisy parts mixed with chaotic metal percussions and drones, are constructing a sonic sculpture that even if the individual elements have a complex structure, the final result sounds simple and mysterious On the second side, there is a long composition made by his self-made string panels, that they produce rhythmic patterns, that are changing form through the kinetic energy. Sonically, there is a sense of gamelan music, with melodic motifs that gradually change to a more complex form, with the composition to get more busy, constructing an extremely dense amalgamation of sounds." Limited edition of 80 hand-numbered cassettes.

Club Sound Witches “Bleeps from the ‘Gong” cassette - Longform singular track just shy of 45 minutes, featuring a recording made on a Mittagong farm in November 2018 & features the CSW signature DIY brand of uniquely random bleeps ‘n blops, broken almost-beats, rhythmic noise, deconstructed lofi techno, freeform fried electronics, outsider sounds you can expect to hear from the duo’s ever-growing catalogue. Limited edition of 30 single-sided cassettes with download card.

Club Sound Witches “bdtd258" CDR/cassette - A perhaps more chaotic/jam-like recording from Australia's premier minimalist/lo-fi electronica duo, with blasts of static and voices drifting in and out like radio transmissions, building to apocalyptic crescendos. Compelling as ever.

Matthew Earle “Bolwarra Tapes I” cassette - Two long hypnotic trance-like ambient drone pieces with the sounds of Earle’s bushland surroundings also captured on tape, with both intense and subtle waves of insect noise as well as birds twerping, humming, gushes of wind blowing through trees/leaves, etc. across these recordings. No overdubs or editing; recorded in real time, direct to tape in Earle’s bush shack/studio on the Hawkesbury in NSW. Limited edition of 35 cassettes (an extra 10 copies recently added to the sold-out original edition of 25), housed in large square plastic cases.

Fever Dream Archive - Satellites/Rippled Reflection CD - Melbourne-cum-Tassie sound artist takes a solo violin improvisation from Kosta T as a starting point and manipulates it into a immersive dark soundscape. Beautifully packaged in a DVD-size digicase with 14 page booklet of artwork by Canberra artist, Shags. Limited edition of 100 copies.

Takamitsu Ohta “Three Ways to Output from a Recorder” CD – “The pieces on this CD are of microscopic intimacy and don’t shy away from the humble circumstances in which they were achieved. They are sputtering, tactile works of translation captured in real time. Simple devices are used to weave a pattern of transformation, wherein human gestures are memorized and sparked into a variety of ticking matter. A tabletop ecosystem of friction graphs three compelling forms, ready to be traced repeatedly by listeners drawn to crisp etchings of life distilled into sound.” CD comes housed with beautiful large printed cards.

Connor Camburn “aulos” CD – “Connor Camburn’s work in audio has a rare capacity to forge a link between language and electronics… Within these pieces, feedback systems hollow out the ducts of a self-sustained instrument, allowing focus to sharpen and wear on the simultaneously emerging stages of a cycle”. For the listener, this manifests as minimalist looped bleeps and interference. not-quite-right but compelling listening. The CD comes housed in an A9 envelope, accompanied by a booklet containing an essay by Camburn on the work.