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Nadir - Excessive Redundancy LP Alex White’s modular synth is processed in real time by Ben Byrne via Max/MSP, resulting in crisp, seething electronic noise that is rich in texture. This is the duo’s debut album. 

 Nat Grant "Precious" 7" 'Precious' blurs the boundaries between functional object and musical instrument. This work was created over 2013-15 and involved collecting hundreds of old keys - keys to things that didn't work or exist anymore, or keys that had been found: any number and size/shape as long as they were no longer needed or wanted. Limited edition of 100 copies, hand-numbered and signed, clear vinyl, with download card. 

 Various Artists "Bad Taste: a collection of sounds from the NZ underground" cassette Just under an hour and a halfs worth of very diverse outsider music across 20 tracks on one cassette. Compiling a selection of some of New Zealand's most renowned + prolific underground artists/bands. CJA, The Futurians, GFrenzy, Pumice, The Nether Dawn, Witcyst, Ben Speirs to name just a few. Limited edition of 50 copies. 

 Suburban Cracked Collective "Pineal Dreams" cassette - Newcastle's Shaun Leacy (previously of Castings) makes a diverse range of excellent skewered electronic beats/noise. Limited edition of 30 black cassettes in red cases, with recycled fibre card tape inlay, stained with brown ink, hole punched, torn, burnt edges, leaked/spashed black ink. 

 Alex White "Repeated Gestures Do Not Become Meaningless" cassette - New 7-track album from prominent Sydney based electronic/noise artist. Limited edition of 25 C45 tapes housed in fold out stamped white cardboard jacket with text insert & kept inside a plastic ziplock bag. 

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