Aireys Inlet. From Sandy Gully Beach to Witch Rock.


Ernie Althoff: photography and image sequencing. John Campbell: audio and video editing. Oct 2020.

Ernie writes: I'm treating this one as a travelogue and describing it as such. This video takes us on a sun-drenched journey along the coastline of Aireys Inlet, one of the towns on Victoria's Great Ocean Road. Starting at Sandy Gully Beach after a birdsong wake-up call, we head south-west passing Smelly Beach and Step Beach, before our encounters with Split Point, Eagle Rock, the smaller Castle Rock and the raucous silver gulls. The columnar basalt formations at the base of Eagle Rock are examined, and then we head west along the coast to Witch Rock at the eastern edge of Inlet Beach, and the mouth of Painkalac Creek. We should really think of this as a journey by boat, as we are also treated to 'views of the blues' of the Southern Ocean.

John writes: When we visit our scenic coasts, we are possibly not thinking about the fact that in the southern hemisphere, the ratio of land to ocean is 1 to 4 (1 to 1.5 in the northern). But with that detail on my mind, I decided to punctuate Ernie's land-based travelogue with some underwater sounds and images. I have some suitable sound recordings, but the only access I have to images are those posted on the internet by generous photographers allowing their work to be available under a Creative Commons licence.