Zoltan Fecso: Shimmer Raga - Melbourne Recital Centre - 5 Oct 2018

Zoltan Fecso - Shimmer Raga: A Study of Pointillism

Zoltan Fecso is an electroacoustic composer and performer, known for his live performances on an augmented guitar built by luthier Ian Noyce. Zoltan’s compositions are created by combining small fragments of single notes repeating at varying speeds, inspired by ‘pointillism’, a painting technique using individual coloured dots to create images.
The Pointillist understanding of colour theory to create shimmering and pulsating imagery inspired Zoltan’s approach to composing. By interpreting the pointillist properties of colour to the properties of sound, Zoltan is able to explore note relationships as they are placed against one and other. Slow, sparse note cycles combine into melodic phrases and shift with each pass, as the notes intersect at different times. Fast repetitions make individual notes harder to detect, forming shimmering soundscapes.

In August 2018 he made his label debut under his own name, Zoltan Fecso. The album ‘Shimmer Raga’ is his most “honest and self-reflecting work” - critiques Alex Ruder (DJ and Assistant Music Director at the influential radio station KEXP and Founder of Seattle’s Hush Hush Records).
The title and artwork for the album Shimmer Raga were acquired from a painting by the artist Claire Lefebvre, whose work deeply influenced the creative process.

"Striking attention to detail that slowly reveals the beauty in its ambiguity..." - The Slow Music Movement

"...highly tactile and mesmerising" - Brian Housman (Stationary Travels)

Zoltan will also be launching his album at The Gorman Arts Centre on October 3rd with Marlene Claudine Radice and Reuben Ingall, and October 10th at 107 with Alexandra Spence and Marble Rain (Julien Mier + Miki Takahashi)