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notes from the artist:
"as well as the normal long-feedback-cycle tonal-shift no-input noise grinding, on this album there's also a lot of random orchestral textures.  a database of instrumental notes (for instance, a harp, or a concert piano, or a horn section) is loaded into a media player (a simple programme like Windows Media Player, nothing complex), and set to random play.  this is then recorded, and layered, and layered, until there's this piece of nu-classical music, completely improvised by the computer."
"also of note is the use of field recordings.  the sounds used as the backbone of the piece COMMITMENT are harmonising whipper-snippers recorded on my iPhone, looped, under a collection of cockatoos and magpies (also recorded on my phone).  the eerie melodies are completely coincidental - neither whipper-snipper had any deliberate collusion with the other - but are created with the twin magicks of happenstance and deep listening."


"the word CORPORATE, the name of this album, can either mean 'to unify different elements in one body', or 'to kill, to turn into a body'.  i can't help but find that fascinating.  for a project that's all about the horrifying fusion of terrorism and capitalism, it's almost too perfect."

CORPORATE is out now.