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Clinton Green & Ernie Althoff 'Blindfold test' CD/digital:
"I think I know how these four machines sound", Clinton said of the images of Ernie's recently constructed kinetic sonic machines.
"Ok, then build four pairs for these, send me the images and the sound files, and I'll mix them down to four duet tracks", Ernie replied. These became Part 1 of 'Blindfold test'; the name stuck from the start.
Part 2 eventuated when the duo were asked to perform... at 'Autumnal sounds', a house event in Bayswater North. Three different and separate turntable pieces were devised by each player. These were performed back-to-back for added theatrical effect, with photos and videos only later revealing the processes. A mobile phone alarm ended each section.

Matthew Paine 'Tape: music from and inspired by a short film by Jordan Giusti' digital (free streaming/download)
“The full sonic landscape of this album was created by novel uses of electric guitar. These pieces where originally suites I presented for use in the short film tape, directed by Jordan Giusti. Excerpts from these suites, edited and synced by Giusti were used in the film.”
Matthew Paine is a Melbourne composer/artist/musician. He has composed for film, played in rock bands, and is currently developing music for chamber and large ensembles. Tape is his first solo release.

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- Club Sound Witches/Mermaids – “Surface Noise Vol. 7” CDR

- Clinton Green – “Thylacine” CD/digital

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