Abstract Paradigms Podcast - Edition 34 - 15/06/2018 - Plus Gig Guide!


Cold weather means I move slowly, so here's a podcast released nice and late.

Get it at http://podcast.abstractparadigms.com.au/e/edition34/ and if you want to let me know of any gigs or good music play send me an email at michael@abstractparadigms.com.au

This week's tracklist:
HTRK - Mentions [Mistletone, 2018]
Blood of a Pomegranate - Labyrinthian Dreamscape pt​.​1 [Self-released, 2018]
Futuro Fosil - ATA01 [Self-released, 2018]
Mares - Astound [Psychic Hysteria, 2018]
Adam Simmons & Brian O'Dwyer - Autophysiopsychic [Bleeemo, 2018]
HABITS - LIMP [Self-released, 2018]
Smarts - Golden Arches [Anti Fade, 2018]
Universal Social Acid - Dawfrak [Self-released, 2018]