Musique Concrete Weirdness from The Year 2000

In the very dying moments of the Twentieth Century, Ms Buttress O'Kneel (reknowned for her politcoplunderphonic pop-glitchery) teamed up with Ms Panthera Leo (well known for her all-encompassing love of nature in all its guises), and formed The Fruiting Body.   

This duet was dedicated to reconfiguring the 'sounds of nature' into more organised musical forms, in the great tradition of the Musique Concrete practitioners before them. And, of course, this forward-thinking pair of youthful riotgrrls were not about to ignore the sounds of 'human nature', so as well as utilising the sounds of traditionally 'natural' sounds such as birds and whales and insects and rain, The Fruiting Body also used the sounds of microwave ovens, windchimes, talkback radio, doors, pool tables, coffee machines, the chatting of the neighbours down the road, passing cars, squeaky handles, coughing, laughing, and yawning (and all manner of other humyn environments) as fodder for their detourned aural works.

The dynamic duo created two albums in quick succession: the first was called 'The Field', and the second was called 'Nudibranch and the Moondew'. Other than a handful of friends and colleagues, both albums have sadly remained largely unheard and unreleased - until now, more than a decade and a half later.

These hystoric albums, unremixed and unremastered, are now presented exactly as they were in the Year Two Thousand. The sharehouse/studio that Ms O'Kneel shared with Ms Leo (and Mr A Demon Sheen, Ms Aynat Sool, and Mr Mantis Sage) became an instrument, with door handles, microwave ovens, the renovations next door, passing cars (recorded directly through the open bedroom window), even the old couple up the road (again, recorded through the open window) being swept up into the collages. Less structured than the follow-up album 'Nudibranch and the Moondew', this seminal recording still provides a strange arch-shaped window into life at this pivotal moment in hystory, and the behind-the-scenes-becoming-the-actual-scenes style of this under-appreciated Australian band. 

All downloads come with scans of the original scissors-and-glue artwork.   Please note that, as the ingredients of the songs were just as important as the finished results themseves, each song's ingredients are easily accessible by clicking on the 'lyrics' section of the Bandcamp portal mechanism link for each song.

The Field is kind of dark and sombre, and seems to heavily feature the elderly.   Nudibranch and the Moondew is more upbeat, but still chock-full of atmos.  The IWML is deeply honoured to be able to reissue these releases, and is more than stoked that Buttress is willing to host them on her persynal Bandcamp.  We sincerely hope you enjoy them.