Assorted HARAAM, together at last

Tired of looking for all the differentpieces HARAAM has recorded for various compilations around the interwebs?  Don't you just wish they were all put together, with maybe one extra bonus track you've never heard, all in one simple-to-download easy-to-stream Bandcamp format?  Well, your days of longing are over.  

SLEEPER CELLS brings together six different HARAAM pieces from all around the Information SuperHighway, and bundles them all up cosy and warm, with one bonus piece of misanthropic noise thrown in just to make it really feel worth having.  Just what you wanted, right?  

All the glorious soul-destroying horror you could ask for, all in one convenient location.  That's the HARAAM promise!

Download (pay whatever you want, or even nothing at all) or just stream it, right here: