Torrential Brain / Propolis / Tim Panaretos / Bad Magic

Sunday 18th of March at The Night Heron (228 Nicholson Street, Footscray)

From 6PM. Free Entry

This event is also a farewell for Tim and his better half Gabbee who are returning to Tasmania after living in Melbourne for the past 5 years. Everyone and anyone is welcome to attend though.

Torrential Brain - A brand new improvised guitar and drum collaboration from Edwina Stevens (Eves, Aesthetics) and Jen Tait (Is Their A Hotline?, Intrinsic Light, etc). No recordings online as yet but if their set at Make It Up Club a couple of weeks ago was anything to go by, there'll be big cavernous noisescapes courtesy of Ede's abstract guitar and pedal manipulations and the momentum of Jen's drumming.
Ede's solo project Eves:

Propolis - Instrumental four-piece featuring an unusual line up of Michael McCosker and Jen Callaway (Snacks, Is Their A Hotline?) both on electric bass, Allanah Stewart (Snacks, Bearded Iris) on drums and Michael Zulicki (Mad Nanna, Albert's Basement label) on synth and radio. Darkly melodic compositions with textural soundscape elements, influenced by some of the more brooding British post-punk era acts amongst other things but Propolis' music is also really beautiful. Special stuff.

Tim Panaretos - Grecian free folk played on a 6-string bouzouki...death to the 8-string! Taking elements of Greek rebetika music, the Greek blues of the early 20th Century, along with free improv, primitive guitar, psych rock, drone and noise, Tim makes improvised music/sound that is miles apart from the rebetika revivalism often heard today.
Bad Magic - Current solo project of ex-Hobartian Jesse Clark (Howling Gruel, Hammering the Cramps, etc, etc). Outsider minimalism made with guitar and/or keys. The first self-titled release came out via Frustration Jazz in 2016 (the second will be out soon!) and was described as the unlikely mix of German Kosmiche, early John Carpenter film soundtracks and classical miniaturists the likes of Satie. Lofi folk/classical melodies that, if not quite otherworldly, create a world of their own within this one.