Radio Cegeste (NZ), Tom Hall, Ruff Patch, The Drunken Boat

Saturday March 10 @ Aeso Studio, Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

Doors at 7:30pm. First act on at 8pm. 

$7 entry

Entry via laneway off Palmer Street

Radio Cegeste: Dunedin-based Sally Ann McIntyre graces us with her presence whilst she's in town for a few months. Beautiful hauntalogical soundscapes playing on themes of ecological loss, using micro radio transmissions, music box, gramophone and sometimes even wax cylinder.

Tom Hall: Ranges between primitive guitar, pastoral drones and minimal synth work; it's the latter of those sound worlds that he'll be giving us on this particular occasion. Sadly, Tom plays live all too infrequently but has releases on Albert's Basment, Habitat Tapes and most recently Danish label Phinery.

Ruff Patch: So-fi AV / synth / beats project of Lynton Denovan (Asset Stripper, Satanic Rockers), Tania Price (Bearded Iris) and Tim Wood (Encounter Group, Bearded Iris). Sounding like Implosion and collapse, utilising VHS tapes with dirty heads. No sounds online for this outfit as yet, so you'll just have to use your imagination...

The Drunken Boat: Free noise/drone/psych project of Dale Chapman and Tim Panaretos, using electronics, various South Indian instruments, lapsteel, other bits and pieces. Sounding since at least 2012, latest release on Chemical Imbalance in 2016 but don't play live all that often. One of the last chances to see them for a while because Tim is moving back to his home town of Hobart soon.