Experimental Sound documentary on Melbourne, Australia, now free to view.

After 12 months of chasing screening opportunities for my documentary on experimental sound in Melbourne, Australia, I’ve decided after much consideration to make the film freely available to all via Vimeo.


(Trailer available to view at: https://vimeo.com/216296976 )

There are a few reasons for this, but one motivation that needs a mention is Michael W. Dean’s documentary ‘DIY or DIE: How to survive as an independent artist’, released as a freely available resource in 2001, which affected me greatly.
Feedback from the screenings I’ve had has been amazingly positive, and I’d recommend viewing with friends in a communal setting, as the project seems to start far more conversations than it contains.

So… PLEASE SHARE!! Share to your heart's content.

If you are able to donations are welcome to help me recoup productions costs, film festival entries and buy back the gear I sold for the final mastering costs...
(just paypal to noises (at) toddanderson-kunert (dot) com )

The documentary is an evolving conversation that features thirty one artists: Jenny Barnes, Sean Baxter, Anthea Caddy, Carolyn Connors, Richie Cyngler, Samaan Fieck, Robin Fox, Marco Fusinato, Llara Goodall (Llara Isabell Arena), Nat Grant, Clinton Green, Mark Groves, Rosalind Hall, Lloyd James Honeybrook, Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, Leo Kavanagh, Nik Kennedy (Bruce McDarryl), Paul Kidney, Carey Knight, Yuka Discobeans, Piers Morgan, Evelyn Ida Morris, Patrick O'brien, Stevie Richards, Adam Simmons, Brad Smith, Solvent Cage, Joel Stern, Joe Talia, Leith Thomas and Brett Thompson.

And snippets from performances including a whole lot more artists!

Creative wishes, Todd Anderson-Kunert

More information at: www.toddanderson-kunert.com