Abstract Paradigms Podcast - Edition 20 - 23/02/2018 - Plus Gig Guide!


The bell tolls! Don't worry, no one has died, it's time for new Abstract Paradigms to get you ready for an immense amount of live music happening this week! I really should get a better alarm so people stop asking me about funerals. Check out the tracklist and gig guide for the week below. As always let me know of any gigs I've missed or new music I should hear!

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Tracklist for this week:
The Trendees - Motorcycle (Makes Loud Noise) [Albert's Basement, 2017]
Big Yawn - Lowlite [Fallopian Tunes, 2013]
Matthias Schack-Arnott - Fault Traces (Excerpt) [Self-released, 2017]
Real Love - You Can [Self-released, 2017]
Jannah Quill - Live at KORNER, Taipei 12.17 (Excerpt) [Self-released, 2017]
Rita Revell - No One Like Me [Happy Endin', 2014]
Eyeliner - Toy Dog [Beer on the Rug, 2015]
Bowlines - Waiting In Long Empty Spaces [Self-released, 2016]