ILI PIKA (Jen Tait + Dmn Shn) - IDEOPHONE

ILI PIKA is the free-sound improvisation project by the very same Jen Tait and Dmn Shn who are also quasi-improvised spiritual-metal band INTRINSIC LIGHT - the two projects are flipsides of the one shiny shiny mindfulness coin.   But whereas INTRINSIC LIGHT has the loose framework of riff-hungry mantra-spewing meditation metal to hold it together, ILI PIKA has no such framework - every ILI PIKA session is different, and unified only by their no-rules diversity.

The session that created IDEOPHONE (the first ILI PIKA release for several years) was driven by Jen playing assorted hitting-objects, and Dmn Shn playing guitar and keyboards - though both also played many other odd things that were lying around in the studio.   For fans of:  SISTER / MARIA MOLES AND ADAM HALLIWELL / MILES DAVIS / GNAUMGN / FUNCTIONAL ZERO / SQUIRREL PANCAKE / IS THERE A HOTLINE? / DFFDL / etc