DFFDL and Clinton Green Double Album Launch - Aeso - 27 Jan 2018

Frustration Jazz & DFFDL present:

Double Album Launch!
DFFDL And Drifted & Clinton Green Iliad.

With performances by,

Clinton Green 
Erin K Taylor
Dale Gorfinkel, Allanah Stewart, Michael McNab & Axel Powrie (Syd)

Saturday 27th of January @ Aeso Studio.

Doors at 7.30pm. Entry $10

DFFDL – Solo drone/noise project of Anthony Cooley, originally from Canberra, who has been taking Melbourne audiences on emmersive sonic excursions quite a lot in the last couple of years. DFFDL’s debut album And Drifted was released by Frustration Jazz in October 2017 so this is a slightly belated launch for what is an amazing piece of hypnotic, enveloping and subtly-layered guitar drone. Monolithic and minimalist seas of sound to set adrift on.

Clinton Green – As a long-time contributor to experimental music in Australia, Clinton probably needs little introduction. The album Iliad, released by Frustration Jazz in January 2018, features a live version of his extended/prepared turntable piece 'Setting for The Iliad' that was recorded in July 2017 at West Space Gallery in Melbourne. Each performance of Setting for The Iliad is different to the last, as Clinton works his idiosyncratic mix of improvised turntable manipulations into the semi-composed concept piece that revolves around text, read allowed, from Homer's Iliad.

Erin K Taylor - Moody, disquieting electronics from one half of The Convoy. Erin's solo music weaves synth drones, field recordings, textural noise, occasional vocal elements and pulsing beats into something that loosely resembles a dark ambient soundscape.  I use the word loosely because that description doesn't really capture the range of sounds, imagination or beauty involved here. 

Dale Gorfinkel / Allanah Stewart / Michael McNab / Axel Powrie – Dale & Allanah, two thirds of the beautifully spacious improv trio Snacks (w/ Jen Callaway), will be joined by friends Michael McNab and Axel Powrie (Sydney) for a special one-off performance. Expect explorative sounds via automated vibraphone, expanded drumkit, a multitude of other percussive objects and electric bass.
Frustration Jazz is a small-run CDR label, started in 2016 by Hobart native Tim Panaretos and currently based in a Melbourne lounge room. Interested in all sorts of unconventional sounds including free improv, freeform folk and global, outsider rock/pop, minimalism, drone, psych, noise, electronic, tape music, field recording, etc, etc. Into quiet as well as loud. Love free jazz, not a 'jazz' label. Not afraid of contradiction.