Buttress O'Kneel re-releases 2007 Experimental AudioDocumentary

After a decade tackling topics such as Corporate Globalisation, The 'War on Terror', the role of Oil in international relations, the role of Art in inciting violence, and more, with her inimitable half-documentary half-breakcore-sound-collage style, Melbourne's samplophonic Buttress O'Kneel decided to take on Australian-ness itself.

It was 2007, and John Howard had been in power for 11 years, and we were heading to an election.   Buttress constructed this piece, investigating the concepts of "Australian Values", in the context of  Aboriginal genocides, the incarceration of refugees, the recent Cronulla riots, and John Howard's copy-cat relationship with the United States.  

The piece samples (according to the liner notes): Julian Burnside – John Howard – Alan Jones – Rolf Harris – Adam Hills – Jimmy Barnes – Kev Carmody – Australian Wartime Radio (1939-1945) – Iron Triangle – Men At Work -Vardos – Anton Enus – Musiki Manjaro – Plastic Spacemen – Media Watch – The Chaser – Cold Chisel – Midnight Oil – Julie Anthony – Kevin Borich – The Cronulla Riots – Trevor Adamson – Kenny – The Herd – The Glass House – Big Brother 05, 06 And 07 – John Farnham – Skippy – The D Generation – toekeo – Reason – George W Bush – Wish Me Luck (Australian Recordings 1939-1945) – Andy Firth – Royal Australian Central Air-force Band - "and many many other interviewers, interviewees, newsreaders, and THE PEOPLE."

Buttress has re-released this harsh, angry, sad, bitter album in 2018, but scarily enough, it's no less relevant now than it was when she made it.  Some of the names have changed, but all the racism and horror and sadness is all still all too relevant.

Not an album to "enjoy", but to "experience".