Abstract Paradigms Podcast - Edition 18 - 24/01/2018 - Plus Gig Guide!


These busy times call for a quick turnaround. Can't make that meeting? Cancel it and listen to Abstract Paradigms instead. Plans change, but Abstract Paradigms stays the same - even when I try and make an episode really quickly.

Get the episode at http://podcast.abstractparadigms.com.au/e/edition18 and like the Facebook page here. Let me know if there's any gigs I've missed or if you've got any to recommend in the future.

This week's tracklist:
Ili Pika - Ideophone [Self-released, 2017]
Clinton Green - Setting for The Iliad [Frustration Jazz, 2018]
Oren Ambarchi / Kassel Jaeger / James Rushford - Pale [Black Truffle, 2016] 

Gig Guide:
Thursday 25/01:
Paying the Rent with WAR - Bar Open, Fitzroy - $10

Friday 26/01:
Invasion Day 2018 Rally - Parliament of Victoria, CBD

Saturday 27/01:
Ã…ngst Fest - Grace Darling, Collingwood - $25

Sunday 28/01:
New Abstract Paradigm Interview

Monday 29/01:

Tuesday 30/01:

Wednesday 31/01:
Another new Abstract Paradigms Interview