Super Field - RMIT Design Hub - Opens 8 Dec 2017

SUPER FIELD – experience some of the world’s remote locations in a uniquely immersive exhibition of sound and vision. Bringing together 19 artists over four programs, Super Field takes you to the Australian Alps, the Kimberley, Antarctica and the Arctic, and beyond to the wilderness areas of the world.

The exhibition features works by Natasha Barrett [UK], Benoit Bories [FR], Matthew Berka [AU], David Burrows [AU], Anne Colomes [FR], Madelynne Cornish [AU], Yannick Dauby [TW], Lawrence English [AU], Hughes Germain [FR], Martin Kay [AU], Slavek Kwi [IE], Jay-Dea Lopez [AU], Douglas Quin [US], Matthew Quomi [AU], Philip Samartzis [AU], Polly Stanton [AU], Michael Vorfeld [DE], Chris Watson [UK] andJana Winderen [NO]

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RMIT Design Hub
Level 2, Project Rooms 1 & 2                                                                                                                                             CNR Victoria & Swanston Streets,                                                                                                                                    Carlton 

Supported by RMIT University, Institut Français, Municipality of Toulouse and the Alliance Française in Australia.

(forwarded from Madelynne Cornish)