Do You See What I Hear? - 'If I am a musical thinker' - Church Of All Nations - 25 Nov 2017

Ben Boretz's 'If I am a musical thinker' comes alive in another performance by #DYSWIH project.

Originally a lecture for music students at the University of Texas, Austin in 1981, Ben's manifesto provokes thought on artistic expression. He proposes that we articulate our expression through artistic media for our own identity, and that theoretical reflection is crucial to expression, itself also expressive in nature.

In this performance, the text is accompanied by fascinating visuals of Brigid Burke and Jan Ferm, set in beautiful sounds and music by Emily Bennett (voice), Warren Burt (laptop & voice), Carmen Chan (percussion & piano), Llara Goodall (percussion & tape), Clinton Green (voice & turntable) and Reuben Lewis (trumpet & electronics), with the voice of Gary Verkade.

Saturday 25 November, 8pm

Church Of All Nations, 180 Palmerston St, Carlton

$15 at the door or book online.

Event image by Jan Ferm.

(forwarded from Carmen Chan).