Abstract Paradigms Podcast - Interview 1 - Simon J Karis


Abstract Paradigms is proud to present the first in a recurring series of interviews, slated for release every couple of Sundays. The first of these is with sound artist, labelhead at Nice Music, and owner at Polyester Records Simon J Karis. This interview, recorded at Polyester on August 29, 2017 covered Simon's history with making music, running the label, and Polyester records. Simon picked 5 tracks for us to listen to near the end.

Upcoming interviews include:
  • Nat Grant - Composer / Percussionist
  • Sam Eckhardt - Weirdo Mazic
  • Grace Kindellan - Hysterical Records / Wet Lips

Tracklist for Interview 1 - Simon J Karis:
Match Fixer - Attempts I [Nice Music, 2017]
Simon J Karis - Nut Crunch [Self Released, 2013]
COCKS ARQUETTE - Pointlessly Vindictive [OSCL, 2012]
Hyde - International Moss [Nice Music, 2017]
Simon J Karis - Romance [Nice Music, 2017]
Bead - See You Run [Self Released, 2017]
Lorenzo Senni - Win In The Flat World [Warp Records, 2016]
B L A C K I E - Academy Academy [Self Released, 2017]
Small World Experience - Sugar Beats [Tenth Court, 2017]
Suburban Lawns - Janitor [IRS, 1981]